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Weird Wedding Traditions

Ivory, on May 5, 2021 at 11:54 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 3
Hello everyone, I was wondering what wedding traditions or conventions you know that are popular but baffle you or you respect that other people enjoy but just wouldn't like for yourself. Sort of like unpopular opinions: wedding edition.
(This is just for fun, btw; it's not meant to bash or judge anyone's choices!)


Latest activity by Catherine, on May 6, 2021 at 1:45 AM
  • Ivory
    Dedicated August 2024
    Ivory ·
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    I'll start:

    Invitation wording
    Assigning Dress Codes
    The groom seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding being bad luck
    Also, that the bride and groom MUST spend the night before away from each other, even if they already live together

    Clinking glasses to make the couple kiss
    Singles Table
    Garter Toss
    Dollar Dance
    The idea that leftover wedding cake is an expense that should be avoided: that is literally extra cake you paid hundreds of dollars for you can now devour on your own time! Savor it!!!
    Jokes, toasts, or decorations implying the bride has trapped the groom in any way, or that she now controls his life.
    Separating the wedding party from their dates
    How the bride gets a grand entrance but the groom just steps in from the side and is barely acknowledged. Also, how many grooms rent a tux while their brides spend thousands of dollars buying, altering, and preserving their wedding dresses.
    Cake needing to be served towards the end of the reception so guests know it's okay to go home now (guests should be able to feel comfortable leaving whenever they feel ready, IMO, and cake should be served before anything else, as it's the most delicious meal of the day! Sadly, I won't be doing this at my own wedding, as I know it could make guests uncomfortable/confused, but I personally would be overjoyed if I went to a wedding that did!)

    The way the bride's dad gets to walk her down the aisle, dance with her, and make a speech, but her mom doesn't get any traditions to honor their bond too.
    The whole mentality of the bachelor party being the groom's last night of freedom

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  • Nicole
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    Nicole ·
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    Well, looks like we can close this thread 😆
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  • Catherine
    Expert March 2023
    Catherine ·
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    Wow. That’s a lot ha
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