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Weight loss

kaley, on August 7, 2018 at 7:06 AM Posted in Fitness and Health 0 10
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Any suggestions on what to do to lose weight?? I'm not sure where to start


  • TeamTurnage12
    Devoted July 2018
    Hey Kaley!!!

    When is ur wedding ?

    Losing weight tips....start with Drinking nothing but water and cut out all sweets.

    When u make a plate just give ur self small portions. And try to work out at least 3 days a week. Try..zumba or some type of boot camp. Even if it is walking ur neighborhood. Also having a workout buddy could be helpful too.

    Hope this helps馃榿
  • K
    Beginner October 2020
    My wedding isn't until 2020 but I feel if I start now I don't have to push so hard later.. and okay thanks I'll try it! And get.a workout buddy lol!

  • M
    Devoted December 2018
    What PP said is a GREAT place to start!! Another great thing is the whole 30 diet. It鈥檚 Whole Foods only for 30 days, and it鈥檚 rough at first, but helps you kick your cravings for sweets and fast food (fast food was my issue). It also gets you into a routine of fixing your own foods to have on hand when you have a late night craving.
  • K
    Beginner October 2020
    What do I need to do or get for the 30 diet?
  • K
    Devoted November 2018
    I started weight watchers a few weeks back. I loooove it. I鈥檓 losing weight and still enjoying foods. My kids don鈥檛 even realize I鈥檓 dieting because I can eat the same foods I used to (just portioned better).
  • Kelsey Brielle
    Super December 2021
    Kelsey Brielle
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    My wedding is 2020 as well. I started working out four times a week and drinking water! Drink lots and lots of water, it helps curve cravings of wanting to grab something sweet. You can do it! Try not to eat any big meals after 6 PM as your metabolism slows down after that time. My manager also suggested start counting your carbs an sugars that you already eat now daily and cut that in half if you can. Good luck!
  • Dana
    Beginner September 2018

    My FH and I significantly cut sugar earlier this year and try carb alternatives where we can. We also stopped eating out so much. It took a few months for my body to figure it out even though I missed it but I finally saw progress in the 3rd month. I also have kept a food journal all year and used MyFitnessPal to track how much sugar and carbs I'm consuming and it has helped me make smart decisions.

  • Brooke
    Savvy September 2019

    Start tracking what you eat. Increase the fiber (get 25 grams a day), increase the water (.5 oz of water per 1 lb you weigh), lower the sugar (keep under 25 grams a day), and be more active (walk, yoga, pilates, weights, whatever you fancy).

    I've been using MyFitnessPal religiously to log, and I have been following advice from nutritionists that emphasize getting protein (20g per meal), fat (1 tablespoon), & fiber (1/4 of your plate of complex carbs and 1/2 your plate of non-starchy veggies). It does wonders when you start eating this way, because it really does fill you up and sustains you, so you are crashing and craving later. I've been following both Kelly Leveque's "Fab Four" plan and Tanya Zuckerbrot's "F Factor" diet together. I am telling you, I have never been so happy with the results and have finally found freedom from my sugar addiction. The advice from these two ladies just works, because it's science based. And once you know the science, you finally do break free of the food drama.

    Feel free to follow me on MyFitnessPal, blb85 is my screenname.

  • Pamela
    Devoted January 2019

    I've found the beach body on demand workouts are GREAT! There are so many to choose from, and you can do the 21 day fix right before the wedding to give you that last boost you need. Last time I did 21 day fix I lost 7 pounds. Gonna do the extreme version of it now to prep for bachelorettes (mine and a friends). I'm not a beach body coach but if any of you are interested I can give you my coach's info to get you started!

    They also have great nutritional plans to follow to help out, so its not just workouts! Also, if you can swing the cost Shakeology is AMAZING.

  • K
    Beginner October 2020
    Could I get the beach body info???

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