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Wedding venues in New York!

Paige, on September 9, 2019 at 10:04 PM Posted in New York Planning 0 9
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Help! I live in Florida but 98% of my family lives in New York /New Jersey. My fiancé and I like the idea of a New Year’s Eve wedding in 2020 but the flights for people to fly down here during that time are crazy high (like 700 a person) and so are room rates (like 300 a night ). we are considering having the wedding up there since it’ll be so easy for everyone to attend and not worry about traveling and expenses.

So my question to everyone is what are some nice venues in New York?? I’d like to have an outdoor ceremony but it might be freezing that time of year , idk! I am a native Florida haha so any input helps !! Thanks girls


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    Lauren ·
    How many guest are planning on attending, if you can’t do an outside wedding then what’s your ideal inside location, how much are you wanting to spend for a venue ?
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    Paige ·
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    Hi! We are planning on inviting about 100 people. I like a garden / nature theme but since we are wanting a New Year’s Eve wedding I think a winter wonderland theme can be cool too!!

    As far as cost, maybe like 150 a plate.
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    Lauren ·
    I know that you had mentioned New York but I’ve found a very pretty winter resort in New Jersey here is the link - https://www.crystalgolfresort.com/wedding/index/winter-weddings/
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    JEANIE ·
    There are so many venues in NY that it'll be hard to just tell you a specific one. You have to narrow down which area in NY and also keep in mind that the prices may vary because it is NYE. Additionally, you'll have to compromise because you definitely won't be able to have an outdoor wedding at that time. It is beyond freezing here and majority if not all the venues will not even offer the option of an outdoor ceremony. I do think the winter wonderland theme would be so beautiful for that time of year though!
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    Lauren ·
  • Rebecca
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    Rebecca ·

    Also, keep in mind that NYC is a HUGE destination for NYE, and flights and hotels for that time will likely be even higher than Florida.

    As others said, it is likely to be well below freezing at that time of year, here, so an outdoor wedding would be implausible.

    Weddings up here can be very expensive, so you need to clarify your budget and guest list before you make any big decisions.

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    Dana ·
    Im getting married in new york and I fell in love with my venue. Look up the marina del rey in the bronx, NY. It overlooks both the throggs neck and whitestone bridge. View is breathtaking and they have a beautiful outdoor space
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    Leaves232 ·

    I was considering a venue in Manhattan called Midtown Loft and Terrace. The terrace has a retractable roof, so that may be a good option if your looking for an “outdoor” space in the winter!

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    Kirstin ·
    We are doing belhurst castle in Geneva NY! Outdoor ceremony, trees everywhere, lake is right there, and indoor reception!!

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