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Wedding Shoes For Beach Wedding

Theadra, on June 11, 2021 at 12:16 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 5

Hey beautiful brides/brides to be

So we're literally 2 weeks from our wedding! AWWHHHHH!!! lol. And I still haven't picked out nay shoes yet. I have an idea on what I want to wear. For the ceremony, we're wearing anklets . And I was thinking for the reception wedges. Now we def want to take pics along the beach , but I can always take them off. Anyway, what do you guys recommend as far as website/ stores? I'm going shoe shopping this weekend too. My budget is under 200.


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  • Jaeden
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    Dillards usually has some good sales or coupons and has Betsy Johnson shoes for sale. She has some really pretty shoes ranging from thick heel and wedges to stilettos type. I hope this helps
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  • Theadra
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    Oh yeah, I've heard about their shoes. Thanks so much !

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  • Sexypoodle
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    Is your dress length altered for wedges? Or for barefoot/flats? If your dress is altered for flats, The length might look too short if you put on wedges at the reception. I’m wearing sandals so that it’s easier getting through the sand. But my dress will be altered for those shoes so I will wear them for the reception as well (it’s definitely and odd feeling for me to wear a nice dress with flats. But I’ll make it work! Lol) considered going barefoot with the little decorative “Barefoot sandals“ for the ceremony. But I was concerned if the sand will be hot since our ceremony is at 2 PM. But I might buy some as a back up (In case the sand isn’t too hot) and then wear the sandals only for the reception.

    For now, I’m wearing these. The tie in nicely with my dress that has bling accentsWedding Shoes For Beach Wedding 1

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  • Sharonda
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    Amazon has cute shoes (I bought my wedding shoes from there) . . . and you may luck out if the shoes are available for shipping via Prime!

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  • Emily
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    I wore Pearl flats for our beach wedding and they were perfect and from amazon!
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