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Wedding ring questions? 3 Piece Wedding Ring Set...

HoneyannErisTM, on February 17, 2018 at 8:21 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 6
So I have a 3 piece wedding ring set. Of course the main one (middle) I am wearing now, the one he proposed to me with. The two bands that go with it are in boxes, that go on each side of my ring of course. My question is, are you allowed to or can you wear one of the bands now.. or is he suppose to give them both to you when you get married?

Thnak you in adavance.


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  • A.Magill.Since.May
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    There really isn't anything you aren't "allowed" to do. Traditionally you would just wear your engagement band until the wedding, when he would symbolically place one (or both) of the bands on your hand and then you'd wear them after. I wouldn't start wearing one of the bands before the wedding, but that's just me. It's totally about what you and your FS are comfortable and happy with.
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  • BGR
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    BGR ·
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    I would wait to wear the band until after the ceremony.
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  • Married and Loving It!
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    I would wait until the wedding personally- otherwise it might look like you aren’t already married. But girlie you so what makes you happy and what your FH will let you get away with 😉
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  • Xandria
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    I swear, every night I take the wedding band out of the box and try it on and just stair at it for a few minutes. I don't think I could wear it until after the wedding though, I just can't wait for the special "o wow I'm actually married now" feeling, and I wouldn't want to ruin it... It sounds kind of shallow, but there it is.

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  • L
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    Linda ·
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    I have the same type set. My FH actually had the middle and lower band melded together for me as the engagement ring and I wear both now. I get the 3rd one on our wedding day. You can see in the picture.

    Wedding ring questions? 3 Piece Wedding Ring Set... 1
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  • HoneyannErisTM
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    HoneyannErisTM ·
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    Thanks everyone! I’m traditional so I’ll be waiting to get my other two bands on our wedding day! Smiley heart
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