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Wedding Reception - How much alcohol to bring?

Alexandra, on October 8, 2021 at 1:46 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 4

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After a smaller, intimate ceremony in March, my husband and I will FINALLYYYY get to have our reception with family and friends coming up in March of 2022. We live in New Jersey and booked an amazing caterer and we had the option for them to supply the alcohol or for us to bring it. We decided that we were going to provide the alcohol (caterer will bring the juices, sodas, mixers, etc.), and we are thinking of going to Costco or Trader Joe's since anything unopened can be returned.

We have about 130 people on our guest list - so we know that number might change when people RSVP, but for those brides who went this route too, how did you determine how much to purchase? How did you plan out exactly how much of what you got (wine, beer, liquor, etc.)



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  • Ariel
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    We also bought our own liquor. The wedding is in two weeks and I’m sure we got too much. But I was worried about running out. BevMo which is where we bought our liquor from has an online calculator for large groups

    There are also tons of articles online. I used a few different resources and just did my best.
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  • Alexandra
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    Ok, thanks! Yea that is what I'm worried about running out - but I would rather have too much and return the unopened ones than not have enough.

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  • Michelle
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    What do your guests drink? Ask them specifically to get an idea. Do they prefer liquor or do they drink beer/wine only? There is no one size fits all formula.
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  • Jessica
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    I just had my reception one week ago. They provided the alcohol, but it was charged based on a consumption basis/how many drinks our guests had. We had 63 guests (good mix of heavy/light/non-drinkers) and our guests consumed 150 mixed drinks, 28 bottles of wine/Prosecco, and 58 beers. We had pretty standard offerings: white/red/rosé/Prosecco; vodka/gin/whiskey/tequila/rum/bourbon/scotch; three domestic and three craft beers.

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