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Wedding Planning out of State

Mary, on November 19, 2019 at 3:48 PM Posted in Planning 0 6
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Hi everyone! My fiance and I are originally from Upstate NY (Syracuse/Utica area) and currently live in Arizona. We are planning our wedding for 9/4/2021 and it will be in NY as that is where all of our friends and family live. I am looking for any tips and/or tricks to help with the stress of planning the wedding from a different state. I unfortunately do not have the luxury of taking a lot of time off to fly back and fourth for every detail and it is quite concerning for me. My sisters are going to be helping me with Venue shopping luckily and the time I do have to go home to NY I have schedule viewings so we can decide ASAP. Any advice would be so amazing!

Thank you in advance!


  • Vannesa
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    Definitely getting your bridesmaids to help you will be a big asset. I am planning my wedding in the same state just four hours away form us as it's not as far like you are but I still feel a little stressed about it. Hopefully your sisters/ bridesmaids have good communication with you!

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  • Mrs. Sarantos
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    I had to ship some things to my moh and family and send a lot of emails. I think it’s a good idea to take one trip out there in the next year or so.
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  • Christine
    Expert September 2020
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    My FH and I are in the same boat, and a long engagement has been crucial here.

    There will be some vendors you'll need to meet with in person (venue, caterer, and bakery, for example) - I would try to schedule a bunch of vendor visits on a weekend you'll be in town, even if it's over a holiday weekend. Fit in as many venue tours or vendor meetings as you can for one trip. We knock out a bunch of wedding stuff every time we visit my family for the holidays.

    For most other vendors, reach out to them over email to figure out their pricing, and then schedule phone calls or video conferences to get all of your questions answered and see if they'd be a good fit. We did this for the DJ and photographer, for example, but could have also done it this way for videography and flowers if necessary.

    Doing a lot of research and booking early can come in handy here. We made a short list of vendors based on reviews and whatever pricing was available on WeddingWire, contacted our top choices to ask about quotes and availability, and then really only scheduled calls or meetings with our number one choice (with the exception of DJs and florists - we spoke to a few different people). If you find one photographer you really like and who you can afford, it's totally fine to just book them and move on. You don't have the luxury of meeting with tons of different vendors when you're planning from afar!

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  • Mary
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    Luckily they do, my sister is also getting married but next year so her help through her current vendors has been a huge sigh of relief. Best of luck with your planning as well!!

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  • Benya
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    I'm currently doing the same thing. We live in Virginia but we're from Indiana. Fortunately with the current technology most vendors prefer emails anyway. And you can video chat with them. I'm planning to video chat with my harpist for the ceremony.
    I sent my mom and future MIL to go look at the venue for me. Sent them list of questions to ask, and also had them take lots of pictures. Since both of our families are there, we do go back to visit twice a year. We went this past summer, and we went to do a couple of caterer tasting. My mom is a floral designer so I didn't have to meet with florist. She's also in charge of the decors. So we talk and Skype a lot. We are going back again around New year. We are getting married in June, so more to do on this trip. We're doing cake tasting, hair and makeup trial, tux rental, and I'm also going to try to finalize the centerpieces with my mom.
    It's all about planning ahead of time. Find one of those checkslist with deadlines, and plan on doing things while you're in town. Also your bridesmaids, mom, MIL can help and it makes them feel involved
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  • Kelsie
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    Hi!! I actually live in Utica!! My fiance and I are getting married in Pennsylvania. I don't have time to be driving back and forth either. I have a friend in State College who is helping me by going to places and checking on things. She actually looked at the hotel for me, took pics and videos and I booked it based on that. I highly suggest having one person that you trust be your go to when you need something done. I have her going heresoon to check the reception space lighting. It's super helpful!!!

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