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Super August 2016

Wedding party communication

CranD, on May 31, 2015 at 2:13 AM Posted in Planning 0 30
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How has everybody been communicating with their wedding party? Facebook group? Group text?


Latest activity by CranD, on January 11, 2018 at 11:37 PM
  • Shamaybecakes
    Super October 2015
    Shamaybecakes ·
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    Yes! My my MOH is my best friend and my other 2 BMs are my sisters. Best men are FHs brothers and his one GM is his best friend So they're pretty easy to keep in touch with!

  • Ms. Versace
    Super June 2016
    Ms. Versace ·
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    Us girls have a group text going and FH texts all of them off and on....my brother (one of his groomsman) him and I talk on fb often.

  • Catherine & Nick
    VIP January 2016
    Catherine & Nick ·
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    Text mostly. I've sent out an intro email and more will come as the big day comes closer.

  • Sarah195
    Master October 2016
    Sarah195 ·
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    We have 2 group texts going. One I'm involved in and one I'm not involved in for their secret plans.

  • Jennifer
    Dedicated June 2015
    Jennifer ·
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    We have a private Facebook group which has worked out great, especially since 3 out of my 5 girls are out of state. We have fun posting pictures of potential shoes, jewelry, etc.

  • B
    Super August 2015
    Buttons125 ·
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    We use an App called GroupMe. Easiest thing ever and not as annoying as a group text. Also easier for my international cousin to get a hold of us.

  • Claudia
    Expert July 2015
    Claudia ·
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    I don't know how the GM do it, but it sounds like they text and call. MOH/my sister tried groupme and email and I'm not sure what ended up working for bachelorette party planning. I text the best man and my sister, and mass email both parties if needed.

  • Colleen
    Super June 2015
    Colleen ·
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    Both email and texts, depends on the content. I'll be sending an email to the entire group with the day information and timeline.

  • annakay511
    Master July 2015
    annakay511 ·
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    I have a secret/private fb group where I can communicate with everyone at once. I think my sister (MOH) has a fb group chat or just texts my BM to communicate without me. I'm MOH in my friend's wedding in Oct, and the BM have a fb group without the bride so we can communicate and plan. My FH's GM have an email chain he's not on to plan the bachelor party. I'm planning to send out a detailed email to the entire bridal party as we get closer to the wedding day with details like the timeline.

  • nancy
    Dedicated September 2015
    nancy ·
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    Thanks for posting this. I have been trying to communicate via email, but no one ever responds. My niece is one of my bridesmaids and my nightmare SIL wants to be cc'd on everything because my 15 year old niece never checks her email. I do not want her on our email chain. So I just created a secret FB group. One thing though: one of my BM recently told me she cannot attend wedding cause she has another wedding in Tuscany that weekend. How can I tell her not to go to Italy!? She said she still wants to be considered a BM. I included her in secret group. Is that weird?

  • KitandKaboodle
    Master November 2016
    KitandKaboodle ·
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    For now, I don't really discuss anything with them. However, we get together twice a month to catch up and I will give them an update on where we are in the planning process. Starting in January, I will communicate mostly via email. That works best for all of us.

  • OMW
    Master August 2013
    OMW ·
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    I called them.

  • PoshBride
    VIP September 2015
    PoshBride ·
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    We have a private FB group. That seems to be going pretty well!

  • Julia
    Super March 2016
    Julia ·
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    My brother (man of honor) made a FB group for me and my BMs. It doesn't work very well. Calling, texting, and even having plans already set also does not seem to be working well, lol. Following.

  • S
    Super September 2015
    stephybear84 ·
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    Tell, email and call. It all depends on what the topic is. It's super easy even with one living a 3 day car drive away.

  • Michy
    VIP June 2015
    Michy ·
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    I have tried calling, obviously, texting, Facebook messenges, etc. 2 of my 4 bridesmaids apparently need some other form of contact, perhaps a carrier pigeon would work better for them. GAHHH

    I haven't had to tell them much though. They aren't that involved. Most recently it took me about 2 weeks to get them to confirm they got my messages about the rehearsal date.

    Oh no I'm not bitter at all, can't you tell...

  • MrsTex
    Super October 2015
    MrsTex ·
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    With my girls that are out of the area we mostly text, or plan a girls night to have wine and craft. The ones locally we will still text or they run to stores with me to help with anything. I've been doing most everything myself, and if I need help I reach out to the ones that ask if I need anything. They have a group thing on FB they all talk to each other on for bridal party and bach party stuff that I'm not a part of.

  • Precious
    Beginner June 2016
    Precious ·
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    We use Groupme best way to get information to everyone at one time

  • J
    VIP July 2015
    Jesse's Girl ·
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    Early on it was a lot of txt. I hate group txts cuz they drain my battery, so I would just copy the txt and send it to each of my BMs. Now that it's closer and there's more info I need to give them that won't fit into a few txt messages, I'm using e-mail. Not everyone is on facebook so that wasn't an option for me.

  • Amy
    Savvy September 2015
    Amy ·
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    @Michy LOL carrier pigeons!!

    FH has been handling the groomsmen stuff. I've been using fb messages, Gchat, and individual texts. So far that works for 1 out of my 2 ladies...

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