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John Smith
Expert February 2015

Wedding Nails

John Smith, on February 28, 2020 at 8:03 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 1 8

I'm doing a practice run for my nails today but I never get my nails done so i'm a little lost.

I want gel because it's so long-lasting, but IDK whether to do a white colour with designs or a french tip.

Any suggestions/inspiration photos?


Latest activity by MrsD, on February 28, 2020 at 11:35 AM
  • Carly
    Devoted October 2020
    Carly ·
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    I really like the French ombré look - it’s a nice neutral color & a modern take on classic French nails. Personally I think it’s something you will still find fashionable years down the road.
    Wedding Nails 1
    Wedding Nails 2

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  • Cyndy
    Master May 2019
    Cyndy ·
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    I did a classic French gel manicure because it’s crisp and clean. You could add a cute little sparkle or something on your ring finger if wanted a little something extra.
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  • Kristen
    Master November 2020
    Kristen ·
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    Pink and white ombres are beautiful and classy too. I am doing this for my wedding.

    Wedding Nails 3

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  • Don
    Super February 2021
    Don ·
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    Hi Annajoy,
    I think I'll be going with this for my nail color!Wedding Nails 4
    I think this will be pretty! What do you think girls?
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  • Caytlyn
    Legend November 2019
    Caytlyn ·
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    The classic French tip is a little old school in my opinion. I love a pink to white ombré like PP’s have mentioned.
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  • M
    Legend June 2019
    Melle ·
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    I love the idea of getting only the ring finger adorned
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  • Danielle
    Expert May 2021
    Danielle ·
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    Wedding Nails 5
    I'm going all out. I'm no where near a classic type of bride. Bling on bling on everything!
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  • MrsD
    Legend July 2019
    MrsD ·
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    I really like french ombre, plain white, or plain nude. I think they look very bridal!

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