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Wedding Album (two wedding dates)

KerryAnn, on September 24, 2021 at 12:57 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 1
Hi my wedding was last year with my reception postponed to this year. For background last year I did everything on a small scale (still had a mini reception with family and bridal party) and this year I had my reception (it had to be postponed last year because it was before the Governor lifted the indoor dining restriction, all indoor dining was completely forbidden at the time). So now that I finally had my reception this year, I’m torn how to do my wedding album…while I would’ve loved to have the album make it seem like I did everything in one day, it doesn’t feel right to omit the pictures from last year. Did anyone else experience this and what did you end up doing for your album. I essentially have two years of prep pictures, formals, wedding ceremony, and receptions. Thank you!


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    Hi KerryAnn! It's totally up to you!

    You could do two separate wedding albums, or put them all in one album in chronological order!! Personally (now that I'm a few years out from my wedding) I think I'd go for one album where you can look back on all your wedding memories together. Smiley heart

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