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Wearing a watch?

Stacy , on August 2, 2018 at 7:06 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 8
I always wear my Garmin watch (after all I am a runner). But my Garmin watch is big and black and "athletic looking" so clearly not wedding attire. So how do I deal with not wearing it for an entire day. It will be had to deal with not knowing what time it is.

Is anyone planning to wear a watch (or a Garmin watch) for their wedding?


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  • Mrs. Jones
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    Mrs. Jones ·
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    It didnt wear a watch and I wear one everyday. Honestly the whole day is so crazy youre not gonna think about checking the time. But if need to maybe the groom can wear a watch?

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  • 5/18/19Mrs.h
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    5/18/19Mrs.h ·
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    I'm the same way but with my Fitbit. I've been trying to wear it on the opposite wrist lately because I've developed a tan line where I wear it!

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  • K
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    Kristy ·
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    I decided to buy a watch to wear specifically for that day because our venue is an old 1800s saloon and there are no clocks at all so I wanted to wear one just basically to keep track of time but seeing it with all my other accessories I think I'm deciding not to. It's just too flashy and my jewelry is very simple and pretty. How I will keep track of time idk. I am getting FH an engraved watch for that day to match his tux. All black just like his tux
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  • Deena
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    Deena ·
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    I wear a watch and hair tie on my wrist pretty much every day, but didn’t want to wear either on my wedding day. Instead, I wore a bracelet that had been my granny’s. I feel naked if I don’t wear something on my wrist. I agree with others that knowing what time it is will be one of the last things on your mind that day, especially once you are dressed and ready to walk down the aisle.
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  • I
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    Ivonette ·
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    Hi Heather am the same way. I just love wearing my fitbit and I also have a really bad tan line. What am going to do on my wedding day is put it on my ankle so it can count my steps 😂 with all the dancing am planning to do i hope it worth it.
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  • Lindsey
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    Lindsey ·
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    I wore a watch! Mine wasn’t a garmin though, it was a pink/white fossil. I got several compliments! It fit my personal style as I never wear bracelets.

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  • A
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    Afterallthistime...Always ·
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    Same! Haha! I have a garmin with a bright neon green band. FH was like “you’re not wearing that watch on our wedding day are you?”. You won’t end up needing to tell the time that day. Everyone else will have phones to see what time it is. I think you’ll be fine without a watch. Hopefully you don’t have a watch tan like I do, lol.
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  • S
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    Stacy ·
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    You should have neon green one of your colors in your wedding theme; then your Garmin would match. I can't really make a big black garmin match. I've worn my garmin every time I've tried on my dress and every time my MOH tells me my dress is beautiful but my watch looks ridiculous with it and that she won't let me wear it for my wedding. Smiley smile I figure I can wear it UNTIL I'm putting on my dress. That way I can make sure everything in the morning before we get to the church is on schedule...after that then I can rely on everyone else to tell me when and where I'm supposed to be when I take my garmin off. Smiley smile

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