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Walking Down the Aisle Together

Future Mrs. Coombs, on August 29, 2013 at 9:38 PM Posted in Planning 0 5
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Would that be awkward? I was thinking about getting ready together and walking to the site together (it will be walking distance from our hotel.) I was also thinking about having our little boys lead the way and then we follow down the "aisle." Would this be weird? I don't have anyone to walk me down the aisle since I don't have a relationship with my dad and I don't believe my mom would want to walk me down the aisle.

Just wanting some opinions


  • Chrissy
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    Chrissy ·

    I like it, but I'm all for non-traditional ceremonies. It's like you two are walking into your new life together. I will warn you, that prepare yourself for people not to like it. I know some of my family would grumble and say it's "not tradition."

    Just a thought, you could walk in yourself. I'm going to walk down a flight of stairs by myself, then meet my parents to walk me up the aisle. I think it'll offer me a moment where all eyes are on my, I can shine in all my wedding day glory! haha I like attention though, not everyone would be ok with that. Could be something to consider.

  • Future Mrs. Coombs
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    Future Mrs. Coombs ·

    We have 10 pretty easy going guests lol They've all expressed that they just want to be there to see us get married It might not settle well with my best friend but she'll be okay

    I was thinking about meeting up somewhere and then walking but thinking of our ceremony site, I'm wondering how that would work.

  • SoontobeMRS.H
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    SoontobeMRS.H ·

    I think it sounds ok. I will probably have my oldest son (9) walk me down the aisle.

  • ChampagneTaste
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    ChampagneTaste ·

    Very cute!

  • Future Mrs. Coombs
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    Future Mrs. Coombs ·

    I wanted our boys to walk me down the aisle but they'll be 4 and 1 1/2. I'd be walking them down the aisle rather than them walking me down the aisle lol

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