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Venue Inquiry Email

Jennifer, on December 21, 2017 at 12:09 AM Posted in Planning 6 7
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I have been emailing vendors for information about their pricing, packages, amenities, and pretty much a general overview to see if I want to set up a tour with them. Does anyone care to share their initial venue outreach email template? I feel I could be more specific or I am wording something wrong. Thanks!


Latest activity by FME, on December 21, 2017 at 10:20 AM
  • C
    Dedicated January 2018
    Catherine ·
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    Tell them your name and the date you’re looking for. Say you’re looking for information on having a venue and ask for any info they have. They’ll send you a very generic email that they probably send all brides with all the specs and attachments.
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  • Orchids
    Master March 2018
    Orchids ·
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    I was pretty basic....something like...

    Hi, my name is Orchids and I'm planning to get married next March. Do you have a brochure you could send me with information about what packages you have available? We have a group of XX people to invite and wanted to make sure this will meet your minimum and perhaps schedule a tour in the next few weeks. Thanks!

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  • ArianaB
    Expert April 2019
    ArianaB ·
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    Prior to booking my venue, I sent this to a bunch of venues:
    Hi! We are both from NJ but are currently residing in Georgia. For this reason I am trying to do a lot via phone and email so we can narrow the list and go from there! We have not set a date in stone. We are considering a few dates such as March 9,2019, the Sunday of Memorial day weekend 2019 or a Saturday during peak season. We want a sit down dinner. What does pricing look like then? How many menu options do you offer? Thank you!

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  • Future Louie
    Super August 2019
    Future Louie ·
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    Since our wedding is in 2019 (and we started planning almost two years out), we wanted to express to venues that while we're searching, we understand that if they didn't get back to us quickly since they most likely had weddings going on at the time we emailed. But it was something like:

    "Hi! We're looking at hosting a wedding August 3, 2019 (date fairly flexible); is your venue available on that date? We would have both the ceremony and reception at the same venue. If you could send over your rates and any other information we might need, that would be great! Since we are pretty early in our planning, we're unsure of when we'll be able to take a tour but will reach out in the near future about one. Thanks!"

    Something short and sweet but also requesting some necessary information.

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  • K
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    Kira ·
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    I wrote something similar to Ariana, since I am living far away from hometown where we plan on having our wedding. Keep the email brief and to the point, most venues have a typical response with a list of their packages.
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  • VC
    Super April 2018
    VC ·
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    Ours was super basic:

    "Hello! We would love to learn more about hosting our wedding on your property, for ## guests. We would like to know what's included and what's not, as well as minimum guests/spend and pricing information. We look forward to your response! Thanks so much! - VC"

    I didn't add anything about scheduling a tour in my initial email simply because if they turned out to be out of budget, I didn't want to have to backtrack. My goal was just to get pricing to determine if the venue could fit in our budget.

    If they need more info, they'll ask. Some do, some don't, so it's not worth putting too much information in your initial email.

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  • FME
    Master March 2018
    FME ·
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    Hi, I came across your venue on _______. We are planning to get married on our around March 2018 (We are flexible on our date as long as it's Saturday). We are interested in your wedding packages, including open bar and cocktail hour for around 75 people. Please let me know what packages you have that would fit this. Thank you!

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