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Venue Doesn't Look the Same

Soon2BSmith, on October 4, 2019 at 8:30 PM Posted in Planning 0 5

So FH and I decided to stop by our venue unannounced to make some final decisions.
The outdoor ceremony seating was already setup for an event tomorrow. Great! That gave us a real visional beyond photos. The problem was we liked the venue because the pavilion was covered in vines and leaves. Today, a whole half side of the pavilion had no vines. And the venue spray painted a green piece of wood with glued fake leaves across the top of the open pavilion.
It was not like this when we signed our contract. And it's pretty noticeable.
My day isn’t until a year from now, my FH thinks it will grow back my our date. My problem is what it doesn’t and we’re stuck with it. Should I start looking for another now? The wedding coordinator, had already left for the day, so I couldn't ask her what was their plan to rectify the issue. It's a deal breaker for me since, they venue was not my first choice, but FH loved the pavilion so we went with it. The photos shows what it's suppose to look like vs. what it looks like now.

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  • Tiffany
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    Tiffany ·
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    It’s your wedding day, and it’s a day that will only happen once there are no do overs! So if I were you I would be asking about it and what they are going to do to make sure the venue looks the same as the day you signed a contract!
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  • Jeanie
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    Jeanie ·
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    Vines do need to be trimmed back every so often, and when you do they have to be cut way back. So I imagine your fiancé is correct that they should grow back nicely by next year. Before freaking out and changing venues, I would verify this with the venue and see what their plans are.
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  • Jessica
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    Jessica ·
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    Definitely a question for their in house coordinator. Ask what happened, and if the current state was how it was going to stay.
    You can also ask for the foliage is so you can look up growth rates to see if they try and regrow it if it'll be close to your expectations
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  • Cyndy
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    Cyndy ·
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    I would definitely cont st the venue and see if the vibes will come back next year. And also ask when they cut them each year.
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  • Kristin
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    Kristin ·
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    Our venue was a small Italian bistro that we’d have all to ourselves for brunch, including a beautiful patio section just outside the glass walls. We loved it because of the atmosphere, there were high top tables and regular ones, as well as an area with two couches and a coffee table. It was very quaint. Well, I stopped by unexpectedly a few weeks before the wedding and all the tables were gone! They’d been replaced by couches and armchairs that looked like they had spent the last 40 years in the attic. In other words, picture 1970s avocado green and burnt orange. I was horrified! So I called their event planner and discussed canceling our contract, but, luckily, they had all the old furniture in storage. We compromised, and we left a few of the couches and chairs for the younger guests, and then had some tables for others. They rearranged everything the night before and our small reception was perfect. Maybe they’ll work with you too to get some foliage there like in the pictures.
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