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Venue Coordinator Help

Destanee, on January 21, 2022 at 3:18 PM Posted in Planning 1 5

I just wanted some advice here. I am getting married on 5/20/2022 and having a reception at a rooftop bar. This venue is all inclusive except for my decorations, florals, and whatever I would like to change/upgrade for the venue (utensils, linens etc). I am having an issue with my event coordinator though, because my venue is attached to a hotel with the rooftop bar on top a lot of decorations need to be approved by the even coordinator etc. When I E-mail her with questions so I can better plan instead of going forward with something and then finding out it can't be accommodated or done I check in with her. I don't talk to her often. Maybe once a month right now but when I do E-mail her she takes over a week to E-mail me back or more. Sometimes when she does get back to me she skips over some of the questions I asked. Idk what to do. Am I being overly sensitive to this? Thank you!


Latest activity by Priscilla, on January 22, 2022 at 9:36 PM
  • Melinda
    Expert March 2022
    Melinda ·
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    Can you try calling her after your email to have her look at it and verbally answer all of your questions? Or bring pictures to her during a meeting face to face?
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  • Shannon
    Devoted July 2022
    Shannon ·
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    I made an in person appointment with the coordinator to ask a large list of questions that had been accumulating.
    Try to take this route.
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  • Ladyray
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    Ladyray ·
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    This is a great idea and to add to it:

    Contact the hotel if there is anyone other than the main coordinator that could help you, considering that the main one is unavailable much to your dismay. Your wedding is coming up and I would be upset if I didn’t know who to book with outside vendors, or extra items.
    The hotel should have a list of what they can’t allow etc. on hand for you. I would try to call the bar as well, since you need a direct answer.
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  • Bird
    Devoted June 2021
    Bird ·
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    I totally understand the frustration! I think 1 thing to remember is that the hotel could be very understaffed and she might be torn in a lot of different directions. It’s no excuse though! I would schedule an in-person meeting. Or if she never responds to making an in-person meeting appointment, just show up and wait to talk to her in person. Good luck!
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  • Priscilla
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    Priscilla ·
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    Girl, SAME!! I agree with what the others said. I was also having a hard time getting through to our venue coordinator so I finally called and made an appointment with her in-person to ask all my questions. Since then, she's been more responsive to my emails. Good luck!

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