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us Honeymoon Recommendations in January

Jamila, on May 20, 2021 at 9:48 AM Posted in Honeymoon 0 4


What are some recommendations for a honeymoon in January that's in the United States? We are looking for a destination that's warm. We're thinking about a resort that's close to all-inclusive so we can relax!

Thank you!


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  • Allie
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    I don't know if there are any all-inclusives, but I'd definitely look into Florida. The Keys is supposedly really beautiful and has a lot of luxurious feeling resorts! January is warm-ish there...when I lived there, it would be about 50-70 degrees, so might be a little cooler than you are looking for (but for someone from New England that's warm January weather).

    Maybe look into more southern states like Arizona, Texas, California? I don't know what their all-inclusive options are, but they're definitely warmer that time of year! Or you could look into Puerto Rico, that's technically US.

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  • Cherie
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    I say go big in Jamaica!
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  • Jessyca
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    Hawaii! While its not contiguous U.S. it is still a state and does not require a passport. Hawaii is going to be your best bet for finding an all inclusive resort as they have so many, and it will be warm in January (average high of 80 average low of 68). As a SoCal Native, January is very unpredictable as to if it can be hot or not but by the coast where I live (Orange County) you can expect it to be around 65.

    Also agree with Allie on Florida as a good option too.

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  • E
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    I would stick to the South, unless you want to try your luck with Hawai'i. Southern CA can be a gamble. It is usually cool, but sunny. The high desert gets COLD in the winter, and the wind is BRUTAL, but if you aren't opposed to dry climate, Palm Springs has resorts, and Las Vegas has plenty of things to choose from. San Diego may not have as many resorts, but it has tacos...

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