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Unveiling the Veil

Ashley, on December 20, 2019 at 2:41 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0
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Bridal accessories are a major component to completing your wedding look, and the most popular accessory is the veil. Veils elevate your look and introduce romance to your vintage gown, glamour to your satin gown, and add drama to your tiered fit and flare gown. You will learn that there is a wide variety of lengths and accents when it comes to veils. The veil is a timeless bridal accessory that looks breathtaking in wedding photos and adds the perfect romance, drama, and intrigue to your bridal look.



Unveiling the Veil 1

Bird Cage: This is the perfect veil for the vintage bride! This mini veil is typically worn to cover the eyes or can extend just below the chin and evokes some serious Hollywood glamour vibes.


Unveiling the Veil 2

Blusher: This style veil is ideal for the bride with a traditional style, but doesn’t want the hassle of a long veil. It is a short veil that falls over the face and ends at the shoulders. This veil is also perfect for pairing with customizable headpieces. A blusher can also be part of a long veil.


Unveiling the Veil 3

Elbow: Elbow length veils are perfect for the romantic and traditional bride that wants something longer than the blusher, but still short enough to avoid the hassle of a full length veil. This style pairs beautifully with a strapless sweetheart or a simple satin gown.


Unveiling the Veil 4

Fingertip: This is the most popular veil length because it flatters most brides and wedding dresses, including the ones with statement backs. The fingertip veil is a particularly exquisite choice for brides with fit and flare gowns with fuller skirts.


Unveiling the Veil 5

Ballet: Ballet length veils are made for the bride that plans to wear it the whole night and looking to dance the night away. This style falls at the knee and is light enough to move around in without fear of it falling or being stepped on.


Unveiling the Veil 6

Waltz: The Waltz style veil is similar to the Ballet veil, but falls a little longer around mid-calf. This is the perfect veil for our Summer and Spring brides that have gowns slightly off the ground or want the longest veil option that doesn’t hit the floor.


Unveiling the Veil 7

Chapel: The chapel veil is a classic choice for brides that want to create the illusion of a veil. This style lays just beyond the hem of the gown and adds drama to slim silhouettes such as fit and flare and sheath gowns.


Unveiling the Veil 8

Cathedral: The cathedral length veil is a staple for the regal drama brides (I'm talking Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle). This style is ideal for formal chapel or manor weddings, as these veils tend to be very delicate and an outdoor setting may ruin it.


Unveiling the Veil 9

Illusion Cape or Detachable Train: This style is geared towards the brides that want the look of a veil but want to forgo the headpiece aspect of it. A tulle cape or lace-embellished train that attaches at the waistline gives the freedom for customizability between your ceremony and reception look.


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