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Unique Bridesmaids Gifts

Ashley, on November 28, 2019 at 10:29 AM Posted in Planning 0 8
Hey everyone!

Looking for idea for a unique, affordable gift for my bridesmaids. I don’t want the usual - no customized tumblers/shirts, nothing with “bridesmaid” on it, and nothing too simple like a gift card. Already got them each a bracelet for the actual wedding day so don’t want to do more jewelry.
Anyone have any suggestions based on past experiences?


Latest activity by Becca, on November 30, 2019 at 9:47 PM
  • Tiffany
    Expert March 2020
    Tiffany ·
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    Unique Bridesmaids Gifts 1
    Unique Bridesmaids Gifts 2These are parts of my gifts to my BM. The first is a cute travel sized jewelry case. The next one is a washer bracelet, but each one has a word stamped on it that I chose for each girl. Then i will be writing letters to each of them
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  • B
    Dedicated October 2020
    beee ·
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    Instead of looking for “bridesmaid gifts” shop for each of them personally. What are their interests or hobbies?
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  • Jay1
    Savvy June 2021
    Jay1 ·
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    How about bathbombs

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  • L
    Lady ·
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    Shop for them like it's their birthday - it's likely that not all your BM's will love the same few trinket gifts. I would love a starbucks/target/amazon gift card, a nice bottle of wine (no single glasses), a mani/pedi gift certificate, etc. PResumably these are your closest friends and family - so you should know what they all enjoy that has nothing to do with being a BM.

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  • Caytlyn
    Legend November 2019
    Caytlyn ·
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    I agree with PPs, shop for your friends as individuals, not for bridesmaids. For example, one of my bridesmaids is a tattoo artist and I got her a nice leather bound sketchbook. Another loves whiskey so he got personalized whiskey glasses.
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  • Kelley
    Savvy February 2020
    Kelley ·
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    For my bachelorette, instead of buying a bunch of Bach “junk” I instead purchased an experience for them. We are doing a candle making class together!
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  • Neeva
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    Neeva ·
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    I got travel jewelry cases since I had purchased earrings for them.

    I also got face masks from Sephora.

    Lastly, I will buy some gift cards for them, either for Target or Starbucks depending on the girl

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  • Becca
    Expert July 2019
    Becca ·
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    I got mine personalized passport covers. They all travel so much that I thought it would be perfect! I was able to find some made locally out of vegan leather on etsy. They have a map made out of some cool design like marble, flowers etc. I picked the pattern based on the person. I also wrote each one a heartfelt letter.

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