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Master October 2020

Uninviting People is Hard

Mandi, on July 28, 2020 at 4:26 PM Posted in Planning 0 4
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Sent save the dates.
Sent invites.
Got RSVPs back.
Then we postponed.
It's time to start thinking about invites again. I hope.
We cut the "no"s from the last round.
And we cut the people who failed to respond. Because I'm petty and I can.
Considering making this 18+ reception. And just telling the wedding party to disregard that rule, in hopes that people won't come and want to trick or treat with their kids.
We also have people we invited previously who sent us gifts. And some of them would be people we would cut.
But basically in order to comply with guidelines, we have to cut another 91 people.
And this especially sucks because we thought postponing 7 months would be plenty of time.


Latest activity by Vicky, on July 28, 2020 at 10:55 PM
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    Super October 2020
    Leslie ·
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    Ditto minus cutting some who said no previous. (It was when we were shut down.) I’m sending a separate postcard (still looking for it) that says health restrictions prevent us from celebrating as we hoped but would love them to join us virtually to celebrate. And also on invite, I told people if they wanted to attend virtually to give me their email on RSVP. I haven’t ,ailed yet as I am waiting for them to be printed.

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  • Leanne
    Rockstar September 2020
    Leanne ·
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    Similar boat. Except we postponed from April to September, and now day before RSVP due date, our region has to cut down to 50. So we are uninviting and also using the “we happily invite you to a virtual ceremony” or “hope to celebrate with you in the future” thing. We are adults only, other than flower girls and ring bearers, and will cut out non responses.
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  • Sexypoodle
    Master October 2021
    Sexypoodle Online ·
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    Oh wow! Cutting 91 people is rough. So sorry to hear. But best wishes with that.
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  • Vicky
    Super January 2020
    Vicky ·
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    If you cut people who sent you gifts, you should send the gifts back.

    Good luck. 91 people is rough.

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