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Ulta for hair and makeup?

Jennifer , on January 28, 2020 at 10:16 PM Posted in Hair and Makeup 0 7
I didn't budget for hair and makeup because a family member was going to do it. Turns out they might not be able to make it to the wedding. Has anybody had their hair and makeup done at Ulta? I rather have somebody come to me, but I am not sure that is budget friendly.


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  • Kathryn
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    Kathryn ·
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    Ulta for hair and makeup? 1
    Had my hair and makeup done by them for our engagement photos, and I was pleasantly surprised! He did a really good job blending my normally blotchy skin, and my only complaint was that my hair wouldn't hold those gorgeous curls. I'll add a few where you can see the curl more and me normally.
    Ulta for hair and makeup? 2
    Ulta for hair and makeup? 3
    Note very red skin lol. It was about 150 all together if I remember correctly.
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  • L
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    Leslie ·
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    I’m getting my hair done by my regular stylist. I asked her if she knew someone. She said to go to Mac store and do it there.

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  • Megan
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    Megan ·
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    Other options for HAMU artists are to check out IG and Thumbtack!
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  • Jennifer
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    Jennifer ·
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    My mom, MIL and our flower girl when to Ulta for their hair & make up and loved the experience. My mom still goes back for hair and makeup when she has a special occasion.

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  • MrsD
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    MrsD ·
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    I've had it done for date nights at Ulta a few times. One time I loved it, one time I hated it. The only way I'd be okay with it is if I could do a trial with someone I knew was working on my wedding day.

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  • E
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    Emma ·
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    I had my hair done at Ulta for my engagement party and had a great experience.
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  • Cristy
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    Cristy ·
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    I'm considering this for myself, actually. My daughter used to work in the retail part of the store, and still knows some of the ladies in the salon department. From what I hear, their prices are pretty reasonable, and they do a good job. So, if it's cheaper than what private HAMU artists are charging, I'm seriously going there!

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