Super November 2020

Ugh more restrictions?!

Mindy, on November 14, 2020 at 11:51 AM Posted in Virginia Planning 0 2
Our wedding is in one week. We had the guest list and seating chart all taken care of... then last Thursday my aunt called. She has lost her full time position and was waiting to be placed in another and couldn’t afford to self quarantine after the wedding. Two days later another aunt and uncle had to back out due to new restrictions at their work places requiring two week self quarantine. Yesterday, my one bridesmaid called me in tears because Pennsylvania just added Virginia to their travel restrictions and her employer would require her to self quarantine for two weeks so she can’t come. And the cherry on top was the Governor announcing gatherings have to be 25 or less starting this coming Sunday.

Sorry for the vent but we started with a relatively small guest list of 60 and due to family and friends with health concerns and covid concerns, we were already down in the 30s. Then to be forced to cut another 7 people with a week to go was just so disheartening. Thankfully everyone who got removed from the guest list was very understanding.
Today I need to call our hotel for our honeymoon to make sure we’re still good to go because my fiancé heard they’re limiting public transit and hotels the week of Thanksgiving in certain places.... which is when we’re supposed to be on our honeymoon. 🤬🤦🏼‍♀️🤬
Trying to stay positive and keep moving forward but I’m scared to even get excited because every time I start to, another thing blows up.


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    I'm so sorry Mindy! Sending you all of the virtual hugs and support!!

    This is all beyond anyone's control, and we're all doing the best we can! I'd definitely heard from other couples this year that there have been lots of last-minute RSVP changes because of covid concerns, and all you can do is stay flexible!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you that things will be smooth sailing from here!! 🤞


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    Super November 2020
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    Thanks Lynnie ❤️
    I really appreciate that. It has definitely been a rollercoaster of emotions planning this day.
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