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Two weeks away!

Eri, on September 26, 2020 at 10:04 AM Posted in Planning 1 8

We started planning over two years ago and are now just two weeks out!

I originally envisioned myself being pretty set with things by this point, but had no motivation to plan once COVID hit, and now I'm a little more frazzled than I'd like. So afraid I'm going to forget something! Any tips/advice/reminders?

Here's some things we've got coming up:

- meeting at a local glass blowing studio today to talk about our unity ceremony

- writing love letters to be incorporated into our ceremony

- final venue meeting/walkthrough

- marriage license appointment

- beauty appointments (nails, brows)

- finalizing signs/chair tags and getting those printed

- picking up decorations, sanding wood slabs, tying charms on our favors

- picking up and testing speaker system, finalizing playlists

- drycleaning bridesmaid robes

- putting together gift bags and day-of emergency kit

- verifying all final payments and figuring out tips

Our photographer already has our invitation suite, so that's one thing I don't have to remember to bring!


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  • Yasmine
    Rockstar October 2020
    Yasmine ·
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    I think your list pretty much has it all!
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  • Michelle
    Rockstar April 2021
    Michelle ·
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    You got this girl!!
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  • Sexypoodle
    Master October 2021
    Sexypoodle ·
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    Congrats!! I’m a former 10/10/20 bride and it’s crazy to think that our wedding would have been in 2 weeks 😯 (we’re 10/30/21 now, but taking a weekend getaway in 2 weeks to acknowledge our original date).

    You have quite a bit left on your list. But it’s doable. Personally, I’d tackle as much of the DIY as possible. That’s the stuff that always takes longer than expected. In all honesty, the overly organized planner in me would go crazy seeing that list with only 2 weeks remaining 😜. So I know I’d force myself to knock out all of the tasks this week. That way the final week only includes nail appointments, the venue walk-through and relaxing. Best wishes!!
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  • Marissa
    Expert October 2020
    Marissa ·
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    Oh my gosh! I feel like I have just as long a list as you! My wedding is in two weeks too, and I'm freaking out by how much I still need to do as well! Just gotta remember, we can do this, and in the end it'll all be worth it!!!

    My advice, just take it one step at a time, see if you can tackle multiple things in one day, and don't procrastinate until the last minute! Good luck! Smiley heart

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  • Eri
    Super October 2020
    Eri ·
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    So glad you guys are doing a weekend getaway! What a great idea.

    I'm definitely the plan-your-wedding-in-excel type, and have been super organized, but the relatively last-minute changes and a series of unfortunate events messed with my timeline a bit! Smiley winking

    Fortunately I'm off from work the week before the wedding, and I have remaining tasks mapped out on my calendar.

    We picked up the unity glass today and are dropping our wooden slices off at my parents' this evening - my mom & dad volunteered to sand those for us! I just keep telling myself, one thing at a time, haha!

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  • Eri
    Super October 2020
    Eri ·
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    Haha glad someone else is in this list madness with me! I normally don't procrastinate with stuff like this (had most of our wedding booked 2+ years out), so I'm definitely trying to knock out 1 or 2 things a day.

    Good luck to you too! Ahhh! Smiley heart

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  • Katie
    Rockstar August 2020
    Katie ·
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    Good job!!!! Most important is to give your marriage license to your officiant (I’m sure you have it on your list as you seem super on it!). Just a suggestion is to share your vendor phone numbers with your Maid of Honor or Man of Honor just in case. Always good to have a backup in case you don’t have your phone.
    Good luck girl as I have BEEN THERE! One thing at a time ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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  • Talia
    Super October 2020
    Talia ·
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    It's crazy! Getting married in 2 weeks too! This is what our plans are,

    -Getting our rings cleaned (we were supposed to on Saturday but I totally forgot. whoops!)

    -We just bought some day of emergency stuff.

    -Figuring out tips.

    -picking out our songs for the ceremony

    -lash and nail appointment (scheduled for next week)

    -Rehearsal dinner (haven't decided on if we should get a sign for that or not)

    -Buy snacks for the day of.

    This is really all I can think of haha. I'm sure I forgot something.

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