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Two flower girls

Kevin, on August 1, 2021 at 4:22 PM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 5
We postponed our wedding over a year because of covid. So we are having 1 ring bearer who is 5 and will walk down with the rings on a pillow. No issues there. We originally asked our family friends daughter who is big sister to be our flower girl and at the time little sister was only 18 months. Since postponing she’s now 3 and in asking them we decided on having both of them be flowers girls. So now they are 3 and 6. I’m not sure what to do with having two if they should both get their own basket? If they share a basket? If one should get a wand with the little ribbons or hold a sign? Has anyone had 2 or planning on 2? I’m not sure what is more common I’m open to anything and was thinking about letting the girls pick so the other one doesn’t get jealous of sister? What are your thoughts ?! Thanks!


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  • Jasmine E.
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    There are a lot of options here. I think a lot of it depends on if the 3-year-old will be able to carry out the task. If you think she needs help, I would have them share a basket or have the older one pull her in a wagon. You can also have one of them do something different like carry the bride's train, hold a sign, or blow bubbles.

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  • Sarah
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    Can they actually throw flowers at your venue? If they can, I’d give each of them a basket to use. If they can’t, I’d get them each either a little bouquet or a wand.

    At my first wedding we had two flower girls tossing petals and it worked out great because they both threw right in front of them instead of to the sides.
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  • AJ
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    I’m having 3 flower girls. I figured the younger two could share a basket and the older one would maybe carry a sign or something. Don’t really know. I say if you have two they can share one basket
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  • Ashlee
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    If you think the three year old can carry the basket and throw the petals, I'd give them each their own, have them walk side by side. If not, maybe have one carry the other toss?

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  • Hanna
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    Hanna ·
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    We had two flower girls (the exact same ages as yours, 3 and 6) and we gave them their own baskets, each with petals. They walked side by side

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