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Trouble finding a dress.

Jeannetta, on September 18, 2019 at 7:53 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 14
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How many different places did you guys look for a dress? I been to two different shops so far and while I thought the dresses looked pretty I just didn't get the warm feelings people seem to get when they find their dress. Am I expecting to much when I'm looking?


  • Jennifer
    Dedicated September 2020
    Jennifer ·
    I went to 6 different bridal salons before finding the dress I bought! It's important to try on different silhouettes and materials so you can narrow down what you like and what looks good on you. That'll get you closer to finding *your* dress! And it's also important to remember you might not find exactly what you're envisioning, but that a talented seamstress can make changes to a dress that is *almost* the one, which is what I'm doing! I definitely feel the butterflies when I put it on, there were just a few details I wanted to tweak. Good luck in your search!
  • Meghan
    Dedicated April 2020
    Meghan ·
    I went to six different stores and tried on about 30 dresses probably. I didn’t see the same dress twice in all the places I went. There are so many dresses out there! You will find one! I found mine the very last shop we went to and was the very last dress we had time to put on in that appointment. You may not have the overwhelming “this is my dress” reaction, but you’ll know!
  • F
    Devoted October 2019
    Future Mrs Wilson ·
    I'm plus size so I focused on those types of places
  • F
    Devoted October 2019
    Future Mrs Wilson ·
    I probably tried on 20 dresses before I found the one
  • Amanda
    Master December 2020
    Amanda ·
    Everyone reacts different! Are there any that you keep thinking about or comparing others too? I only looked at two shops and fell in love with the 1st dress I tried on in the second shop (same day) but still tried on many from that shop then revisisted my favorite. Went back to buy it the next day or two later. You should give some more shops a chance! Maybe look into a custom dress?!
  • Keri
    Expert November 2019
    Keri ·
    I went to 3 different places. I didn't do my research and the salon only carried two dress designers. Both designers were heavy on the beading and rhinestones which is definitely not my style.

    The second one had a few options I liked but didn't love.

    The third was where I found my dress right off the rack and took it home that day.
  • Jeannetta
    Dedicated July 2020
    Jeannetta ·
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    I am plus size as well. But they had some nice dresses in my size to try on
  • Jeannetta
    Dedicated July 2020
    Jeannetta ·
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    I'm looking into anomalie the sketch they did looks beautiful. I may go with them
  • Trista
    Rockstar September 2019
    Trista ·
    I went to 3 different shops and my dress was the very last dress I tried at the very last shop! Don't give up!
  • Pirate & 60s Bride
    Champion March 2017
    Pirate & 60s Bride ·
    It took me 8-10 stores. The year I shopped it was hard to find a fitted long sleeved bodice with a ballgown skirt. Finally found it!
  • Amber
    Devoted May 2020
    Amber ·
    I went to 6 different stores and I visited one of those stores multiple times before deciding on which dress I wanted. I overthink everything though and I knew I wouldn’t be someone who’d get that warm and fuzzy feeling over a dress. Best wishes in your dress hunt!
  • Jeannetta
    Dedicated July 2020
    Jeannetta ·
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    Thanks. I am one of those people who would get a warm fuzzy feeling. That is why I'm kind of frustrated.
  • Kristin
    Super November 2019
    Kristin ·

    I ended up going to 3 different shops. The first one, it was TERRIBLE. The lady kept pulling dresses with things that I specifically said I didn't want over and over and over. They were also all like a size 6 (I'm a street 12) so half of them wouldnt even go over my hips. I found out later they actually used to be a prom shop and had only recently made the switch to bridal. The second place was a small boutique and I got to work with the owner. It was absolutely lovely and I liked details about all of the dresses but just didn't find "the one". The 3rd place was much bigger, but still a local shop vs. a big chain. Most of their samples were a 10+ so I was able to get them all on, the consultant listened to my likes and dislikes... it was an all around great experience. I am a jeans and tshirt kind of girl so I knew I wouldn't get that OMG feeling with all the crying and what not but I found a dress that I started comparing every other dress to. That was my ah ha moment. I didn't even realize it the first time I had it on, it took trying on another 5 dresses before I realized that I was comparing every other dress to that one. The whole getting emotional over YOUR dress thing sounds wonderfully romantic but from what I've seen, most girls don't get it.

  • Mcskipper
    Master July 2018
    Mcskipper ·
    Yes and yes , haha— definitely go to more stores, 2 is barely any. But don’t expect a magic moment. Most people don’t have that. I went to maybe 5 stores. At the first store I found a couple really nice dresses but without super strong feelings— I had one that I really liked but my overall reaction was “I could come back to this if I don’t find anything else” but it was very lukewarm. A couple more stores and really striking out, that dress started looking better and better, haha. But lukewarm wasn’t enough— that dress would’ve been FINE but I could do better than just alright. As I visited stores and didn’t like much of anything, it made me feel really solid about what I knew I DID want. So at the lucky last store , I told my consultant exactly what I was looking for , and boy did she deliver! Each dress was better than the last. So I got excited! But I still didn’t know my dress was “the one” from
    the moment I put it on.

    Heres what happened:
    i got in one, and I LOVED it, it was a gorgeous dress with this super cool layered lace looked and I really liked it. I started considering the most important of questions (and the only thing that matters)— could I see myself getting married in it? And I was think “maybe, yeah” So my consultant brought me over to the rack of dresses she had pulled based on my description, and said “well, look through these. Based on your reaction to the dress you’re in, are any of these worth trying on? Are any better? So I browsed, nixed a couple, and pulled one that was like “yeah, I’d still like to see this one— it looks like exactly what I was looking for” — it was all more pragmatic than emotional ! So I got in to that one and was like “oh I love this one too!” And I truly didn’t know which I liked better. So, they pulled out the bells and whistles — veil and fake bouquet and had me walk down this “aisle” they had set up with a camera and a screen so that you can watch yourself walk and see how the dress moves. This was fun!! The dress moved beautifully!! BUT, I still didn’t know. It wasn’t enough to convince me. So, I got BACK into the previous dress and did the same ordeal— and it was ONLY then that I knew that dress wasn’t “the one” — I saw it move and it just didn’t feel as special and in that moment I knew he dress I had just taken off was the one 🤣

    So shop more! But don’t hold out for magic. And the greatest advice I can possibly give is: get video of you walking in the dress!! That was THE thing that sealed the deal for me— I wouldn’t have known without it !

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