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Transportation question who rides in the limo to the reception?

redneckbride_85, on January 13, 2010 at 3:16 AM Posted in Planning

I have a really large wedding party with 6 bridesmaids a jr bridesmaid 1 or 2 flowergirls, and 2 ringbears I was thinking about getting a Hummer Limo and having all my attandents ride in it with me to the ceremony site and than the entire wedding party (excludeing the lil ones) ride to the recepton but I was wondering how the grooms men get their cars when they are driving to the ceremony site and how everyone gets home from the reception lol I worry about everything.



  • october bride
    VIP October 2010
    october bride ·

    We are having the guys all drop there cars off at the reception venue and then having my dad and fil drive them all there in 1 car. the bms mil and my mom and i will all take the limo to the ceremony and then afterwards the groomsmen and bridesmaids will ride the limo back to the reception and the moms will get a ride back with the dads.

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    05.01.2010 ·

    We are having the limo pick up just the girls and taking us to the ceremony. Then the limo will take only me and my FH to the reception. All of the girls will ride with their dats. That way no is stranded and people don't have to worry about finding rides or leaving their cars places.

  • yadayada
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    yadayada ·

    Oh man I stressed about this same issue so much before my wedding! In the end we had all the girls ride in the limo first and the groomsmen arrange for their own transportation (I think my husband rode with his parents and the rest rode with a gf of one of the groomsmen). Then the parents and the gf drove themselves to the reception and all the wedding party went in the limo. I did not have enough room for everyone's dates so they either drove themselves or took a shuttle bus we had provided.

  • chearysgirl
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    chearysgirl ·

    Im having the same problem...My reception is about 30 minutes from the ceremony site so we have no clue how to figure out all this....lol

  • Raven
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    Raven ·

    Wow its good to know I'm in good company. I have a LARGE bridal party of 26. I was going to get the huge UGLY BUS but I really don't want to. My idea is for the bm and I to ride in the limo to the ceremony and the gm and my FH get there the best way they can. lol Afterwards the bm's and gmrs can ride with their dates to the ceremony. I guess we'll keep the jr bm's and flower girls with us just for their "thrill" of riding in a limo.

  • J
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    Jay ·

    I was having the same problems but I came across AStretchOut.com. I was able to a wedding limousine rental at an amazing price.

  • candace
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    candace ·

    I would also like to know the same thing who rides with me to the reception? how are we getting to the wedding period. i was going to ride with my bridemaids and my mom and my hubby ride with the grooms men. then to the reception me and him ride in the limo. how does that sound i hope all rite alot of people lilbit of money.

  • Matt
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    Matt ·

    Well, tradition dictates that after the bells, both husband and wife gets a limos service on their own, while the participants ride on a shuttle, the parents and relative on another shuttle, and visitors have their own ride going to the reception. but for us we are planning a wife's all girls ride and we boys ride on the manly-man ride... hey it's your day make it work for you...


    www.luckystartransportation.com ---this may help if want to have more info on the fllet you want to use and accommodate your family and friend. hello everyone!

  • J
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    jay ·

    I know this post is old but I came across it as I was searching on WeddingWire... I'm trying to help my brother plan his limousine transportation but I had no idea there are so many variables.. Hours, number of people, vehicle.. I found San Jose Limousine and there site was able to answer some questions but what's the best way to know you're getting the best deal? Do these companies have price matching or anything like that?

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