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To vest or not to vest...

Marissa, on January 25, 2020 at 12:57 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 1 6
Switching gears from focusing on myself and the ladies of our wedding to focus on the fellas. The more I look around, the more I don’t like the look of a vest as part of their get-up. To me, it screams, “high school prom date who removed his jacket and is lassoing it around his head on the dance floor.” I am starting to really prefer the look of a sharp jacket and tie, with dress shirt underneath and nothing else.

Thoughts? What are your men wearing?


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  • Tracie
    Dedicated April 2021
    Tracie ·
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    My FH rocks a three piece suit, so I think that's what he's opting for. Groomsmen will have suspenders instead of a vest
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  • Nikki
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    Nikki ·
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    I don’t mind either way, but we’re probably going to go with vest for the hubby, and no vest for the groomsmen (to differentiate). I think it looks very sharp even without the vest, plus we’re having an outdoor summer wedding so I don’t want to make them sweat to death
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  • Hannah
    Master July 2019
    Hannah ·
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    I hate those colored shiny vests because they scream prom. However, a 3 piece suit with the vest matching the jacket/pants is very classy in my opinion. That's what our guys wore. They had medium gray tuxes with the vest in the same material as the rest of the suit. The pocket squares and ties matched the bridesmaid dresses to give that cohesive look.
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  • Megan
    Super October 2020
    Megan ·
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    My FH will be in a navy 3-piece suit and his groomsmen and my bridesmen will be in navy suit pants and button downs with either ties or bow ties (suspenders under consideration).

    His best man will be wearing a vest in addition. This is because he feels more comfortable in a vest; I think it’s going to turn out well, because it will set him out more.
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  • Givemeallthepups
    Expert February 2020
    Givemeallthepups ·
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    My fiancé with be in a navy 3-piece suit. We got him a custom suit so we figured we might as well go all in. We’re not having a wedding party so we didn’t have to worry about him matching anyone.
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  • Melle
    Legend June 2019
    Melle ·
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    My husband opted out of a vest too. the groomsmen just wore suspenders and no jackets

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