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Beginner May 2025


Emileeashly, on March 2, 2024 at 2:22 AM Posted in Arizona Planning 0 2
Any tips out there on a budget friendly wedding?


Latest activity by Elly, on May 20, 2024 at 3:51 AM
  • Katherine
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    Absolutely! There are lots of ways to keep your wedding budget-friendly. Consider choosing a venue that's naturally beautiful or opting for a less popular day or time. You can also DIY decorations or ask friends and family to contribute talents like baking or photography. Let me know if you'd like more ideas!

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  • E
    Rockstar August 2023
    Elly Online ·
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    Here are some ideas. Feel free to use some, or discard them all:

    Date Setting: Sunday and weekday weddings will be cheaper than Friday and Saturday weddings.

    Venues: All-inclusive in terms of chairs, linens, food can be good. Hotels and Wedgewood weddings are known for this. HOWEVER: Sometimes they may get iffy if you want to bring a vendor of your own like a photographer or DJ and will not give you as much creative control. Beware of venues like this that are not as established (ie: Known hotels or known for their services). There are horror stories out there. Heed those stories.

    Attire: Once you know your bridal size and what looks flattering on your body, purchase a sample dress, or look for a dress in the size and shape you need on a resale site. If you have a bridal party, they can purchase their dresses second hand as well. It might be a bit trickier for the guys.

    Stick to a simple aesthetic:
    -Seasonal flowers

    -1-4 colors that play well with each other (1-2 metallic, 1 primary color, 1 accent color). Example: Eucalyptus green with gold, white and pink flowers.

    -Once you have your colors picked out, look at garage sales, thrift stores, ebay, and other second hand websites or pages.

    -Cake: A sheet cake or a cutting cake and another cake for your guests. I say cake because depending on the decorative aspect of the cupcakes, they may cost a lot more than expected. A cake with one color, simple flower accents, or a simple "vintage" trim can look very nice.

    Find a template or a couple of templates on Etsy and a local print shop. A print shop may cost a bit more than Wal-mart, but they may offer deals if you purchase multiple items. Always get a printed sample before you commit to making a large purchase.

    Put your shoe budget to $100 or less unless the shoe is comfy. Hardly anyone sees the shoes, or cares too much.

    If your venue does not have a bridal ready room with lots of natural light, book the largest room with natural light you can to double as your wedding night/honeymoon suite that your budget will allow in the hotel that you have your room blocks with.

    Buy the sweetheart table and chairs or loveseat either second hand or from Wayfair. Rental costs are just as much if not more than used or from Wayfair.

    Limit the size of the bridal party/ groomsmen.

    Skip the crazy bachelorette night. Just do something small with your crew like getting your nails done.

    Delay the Honeymoon

    Skip out on guest favors all together. Instead put the money towards food and/or an experience the guests will enjoy.

    Stick to using the DJ for all music needs. (Don't cheap out on a DJ though. A good DJ is an invaluable MC, and keeps an ear to the ground for their couples).

    Don't bother with a limo. Find a family member or friend you trust, and rent the largest car you can budget for. If you can't trust or feel iffy about their sobriety, hire a large van or bus driver.

    Have 1-3 signature cocktails and a small selection of alcohol that is popular. Bevmo is a great resource for helping with selections and tastings. Or, if you and your loved ones would rather practice sobriety, just have 1-3 mocktails, and sodas.

    Have your most eloquent friend be your officiant. You can look at American Marriage Ministries for what they need to do, get certified, and "templates" for wedding ceremonies and vows.

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