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This or That? (hair vs Makeup)

Cece, on October 7, 2021 at 11:44 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 11

I love how different everyone's wedding visions and priorities are here on Wedding Wire, so I thought it'd be fun to create a series of polls to see what everyone values the most for their special days!

Which is more important to you… your hair or your makeup on your big day?

Click the link below to cast your vote on the next poll:

This or that? (jewelry vs shoes)


Latest activity by Emilia, on October 15, 2021 at 5:19 AM
  • E
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    Eniale ·
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    EDIT: I got ahead of myself and read the bottom line of the post and responded to that.

    Makeup, hands down.

    I have over three feet of hair. It doesn't matter what I do to it - it's ultimately going to be straight down my back at the end of the day. But makeup highlights my best features and really sets me apart in a formal setting.

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  • S
    Expert September 2022
    Sarah ·
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    This one is hard but I think hair, for me. If I had to I could do my makeup myself, but for hair I definitely need a professional.

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  • Maddie
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    Maddie ·
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    Hair. Like Sarah said, I can do my own makeup pretty well, but can't do my hair to save my life

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  • Cece
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    Cece Online ·
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    Hands down makeup for me. I know I could do my own hair, but I am absolutely horrible with make up! And if I’m not great at just a basic every day look, there’s no way I could do HD photo ready makeup!
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  • Allie
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    Allie ·
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    I'd have to say hair. Although neither is a worry for me because I have a friend who is my hairdresser and she does makeup as well, and she's bringing all of her stuff to touch me up throughout the night and/or re-do anything I don't like that my stylists for the day are doing. But I am pretty good at doing my own makeup...my hair, not so much other than flat ironing it.

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  • Ellen
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    Ellen ·
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    Makeup is a priority. My hair is long and wavy so the half updo will keep it off my face.
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  • CountryBride
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    CountryBride ·
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    Hair I don't wear makeup hardly ever

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  • Ashlee
    Expert September 2022
    Ashlee ·
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    Same, I couldn't style my hair myself, but I could do my makeup myself if I had to

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  • Melle
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    Melle ·
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    i personally do not wear make up

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  • Mrs.a
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    Mrs.a ·
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    Hair hands down. I could always do my own makeup if I had to in a pinch!
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  • Emilia
    Expert June 2019
    Emilia ·
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    I think the make-up ! It can really change the whole image ;-)

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