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Laura, on March 30, 2017 at 8:43 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 10

Hello! Has anyone on here rented their menswear from theblacktux.com? I see the reviews but they're all wedding reviews for weddings in the future that haven't even happened yet... seems fishy. I'm looking for honest, real-people reviews if you've used them before. Where have you rented your menswear from? Men's Wearhouse seemed expensive, I don't want my men to pay over $200 for one day. Thanks!


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  • Julie
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    Julie ·
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    Following! I am planning to use them for my wedding in June and ordered a fabric swatch but don't have any other experience besides signing up. So far so good.

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  • LC
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    LC ·
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    My friend used them for her wedding. It seemed to work out well. The suits were a little wrinkled when they came in, so definitely make sure everyone knows they will need to iron or steam them. For her wedding she had all the suits delivered to their house and just steamed them all at once. The suits looked really nice, not cheap at all.

    We are planning on using them for our wedding. We went to Men's Warehouse but their selection for rentals was awful. My FH wants to wear a gray suit and they literally had 1 option. I guess if you are renting a tux they might have better options.

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  • veeismeee
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    veeismeee ·
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    FH is renting a suit from Black Tux for our engagement pictures. So far we've only had experience with the sample suit, but the sample provided seemed to be of excellent quality! His actual rental won't show up until late April as that is when we will be taking our pictures. Definitely considering renting from them again for the wedding.

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  • Black Tie
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    Black Tie ·
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    A friend used them for her wedding last year and liked them. And as a tuxedo nerd I appreciate that they offer some classic options along with the modern stuff that you crazy kids enjoy so much these days.

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  • kirackle
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    kirackle ·
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    I had my groom try the gray suit and it was very nice in person. However, I decided that I wanted a more formal look and found gray tuxes at gentux and am going with them instead.

    Take advantage of the free at home try on. It was super easy inputting FI's measurements and ordering through the website.

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  • Bellz
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    Bellz ·
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    Hi, Laura. As PPs have said, they are definitely a legit company. They will actually send you a tux for the groom to try on before the wedding to make sure you like the look, fit, etc. You just have to call them and ask them to send it to you. They will do this for free. The quality of the tuxes is also really good. Much better than the tuxes at Men's Wearhouse, IMO. We ended up not using the The Black Tux because my dad really wanted everyone to be able to go to a brick and mortar store, have their measurements taken by a professional, and not have to worry about doing it all themselves, but I think The Black Tux is a great option. Good luck!

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  • klowry
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    klowry ·
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    Currently waiting for our free try on to arrive! So I can't tell you much but it seems like they are pretty legit.

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  • MrsBobby
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    MrsBobby ·
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    My FH was a groomsman in his friend's wedding and they used them. They were great!

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  • Damien
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    Damien ·
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    I did the free home try on, suit looked great. I was pleasantly surprised. Great quality and fit was pretty much spot on. I tried Men's WH, selection sucked, was overpriced AND they dont even have suits for you to try on. I wanted to actually see how I was going to look for my big day. There are a few other online rental places but the in home try on won me over so I decided to use The Black Tux for my wedding in August. I'm going with the tan color because my wedding is a destination wedding on an island.

    The suit jacket and pant is one cost, $110 for me, all other item are "add-ons" (shirts - $15, shoes -$35 , ties$10-$15, etc)

    I decided to purchase my own shirt and tie. Figured I could put that $30 towards a shirt and tie I can keep, wear again. I also purchased my own shoes. Not sure how the shoes they offer fit/feel but I wanted something more stylish, that's just my preference.

    Hope this helps...

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  • NewlyMrsLachney
    Master September 2017
    NewlyMrsLachney ·
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    I have heard great things about this company. They're opening some pop up stores in Nordstrom across the US--maybe check and see if there's one opening near you? We're using them!

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