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Symbol of unity

Jennifer, on April 8, 2021 at 11:17 AM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 1 10
Do most people do a unity symbolism: candle lighting, sand blending, lock box to open in the future, etc. The officiant asked what/if we planned to, but we hadn’t thought about it. We are getting married outside near a lake, so candles aren’t a good idea. Thoughts? Suggestions?


Latest activity by Gabby, on April 12, 2021 at 9:13 PM
  • SLY
    Master January 2022
    SLY ·
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    You don't have to do this if you don't want. We only know 1 couple that had a unity portion with sand, but everyone else we know skipped it!

    If this is something you're not really into, then it's perfectly fine to skip it! If you choose to have it, then pouring sand is a great idea.

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  • Lisa
    Rockstar July 2022
    Lisa ·
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    Totally up to you! There are many options (sand, whiskey blending, tree planting, etc). If you can't find anything that goes with what you want, it's totally fine to skip it! Here is an article with a bunch of ideas for a unity ceremony:
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  • Michelle
    Rockstar December 2022
    Michelle ·
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    Alot of people feel the vows are the unity ceremony. I personally have never seen any mini ceremony (candle, etc) at the ones I have attended. But they're common somewhere. Do what works for you and skip it if you don't want it.

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  • Hannah
    Master July 2019
    Hannah ·
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    I've never seen any couples do a unity ceremony other than candle lighting as part of a Catholic ceremony. The whole wedding ceremony is a unity ceremony, so you really don't need to do anything else if you don't want to.
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  • M
    VIP January 2019
    Maggie ·
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    While "unity ceremonies" have gotten more popular in recent years, I have seen plenty of weddings without them and definitely wouldn't say "most people" do them. I wasn't interested because, to me, the vows are sufficiently unifying. Have one if you want, but I wouldn't feel pressured to do it just because your officiant is asking about it. They are just doing their job to help you plan.

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  • Natalie
    Super November 2020
    Natalie ·
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    We decided against having one. I dislike a lot of clutter and didn’t want to have sand art or an object that we felt obligated to display in our house. Instead we handed out roses to our mothers and step-mom to acknowledge the joining of families. Simple and sweet!
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  • Kimberly
    Super March 2021
    Kimberly ·
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    We did a glass unity ceremony because it was a way to include our kids and to show we are creating a new family unit.
    We each had a different color of glass crystals that we combined. We then sent the mixture back to the company and they will create a glass sculpture and will send it back to us for us to display in our home.
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  • Laura
    Devoted July 2020
    Laura ·
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    We did a Unity Cross at our wedding. My husband put the vertical piece on the board, I put the horizontal piece, and we both put the nail in the center. The pastor noted what each piece stood for before we placed them on the board. It was quick, easy, and we were able to hang it on the wall in our home!Symbol of unity 1

    Symbol of unity 2

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  • Cristina
    Devoted December 2021
    Cristina ·
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    We are doing a sand unity ceremony. I have a son from a previous marriage and my FH and I have a daughter together, so we are going to use sand to do a family unity ceremony.
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  • Gabby
    Devoted October 2021
    Gabby ·
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    We're doing a unity shot 😅
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