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Savvy June 2023

Submerged orchid centerpieces

Amanda, on February 18, 2022 at 11:22 AM Posted in Style and Décor 0 4

Hey ladies! Is anyone doing something like this for their centerpieces or gotten a quote on anything similar to this? I'm wondering what I can expect to pay per centerpiece. I'm planning on doing what's in this photo and am in Central NJ.

Submerged orchid centerpieces 1


Latest activity by Amanda, on February 23, 2022 at 9:56 AM
  • E
    Dedicated May 2022
    Eliz ·
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    Hi! My centerpieces are very similar. I will have 12 tables with 3 of these floating candles on each table. I got the floating candles from dollar tree ($1/pack) and each pack has 2 candles. My hotel venue has the vases for this already. I bought clear marbles from dollar store too for vase filler.
    I’m not doing florals but I would imagine if you are using real orchids they would be the most expensive part of the centerpiece unless you are using fake flowers. I know where I live an orchid stem like that would be $8-$10/stem.
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  • Shannon
    Super July 2022
    Shannon ·
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    I really like the look of the orchids submerged, but it seemed too complicated to pull off with all
    Of the components.
    The flowers have to be anchored by something in order to stay submerged. Also, if you are considering faux flowers I’ve read that with some, the color comes right off after being in water for a while. I would gather all of the components and do a test before you buy all of it.
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  • Monica
    Devoted August 2021
    Monica ·
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    Didn't do orchids but did something similar to this just with bulk greens. It was shockingly simple! One thing to be aware of is to have extra floating candles since when guests knock the table they can get splashed and take a while to dry out again. Not sure if the color would come off with orchids but I agree with previous posters about doing a trial run first. My centerpieces for example. Submerged orchid centerpieces 2
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  • Amanda
    Savvy June 2023
    Amanda ·
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    Thanks for replying with a picture! I love how these look, but was also worried that the water would put out the candles anytime the table moved. I am actually contemplating potted white orchids at the point and then giving them to guests to take home.

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