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Spring 2021 Wedding - Considering postponing?

Alessandra, on July 11, 2020 at 2:01 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 7
Hello all!

My fiancé and I are supposed to get married in May 2021. The longer this pandemic goes on, the more it seems apparent that there will be no sense of normalcy for events like weddings, until there is a vaccine available which would be spring 2021 at the earliest). So now we are considering pushing our wedding out to 2022. Are we crazy? My fiancé has his heart set on a big, traditional wedding with all the dancing, games, etc. My venue has said they will move our date for free if that’s what we choose.


Latest activity by Risa, on September 17, 2020 at 6:57 PM
  • Christina
    Devoted July 2020
    Christina ·
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    How big is your guest list ? I think 2021 we will be able to have weddings but maybe not by the hundreds.
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  • Sexypoodle
    Master October 2021
    Sexypoodle ·
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    I can understand your concern. None of us brides expected that we’d still be dealing with this pandemic for so long (and with so little progress toward declining). We postponed from October 2020 to October 2021. As much as I’d like to say I feel confident... I don’t. But I’m hopeful and definitely can’t postpone again. So... 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽
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  • Anais
    Dedicated May 2021
    Anais ·
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    Mine is May 2021. Definitely not postponing again. It’s happening in whatever capacity it has to lol

    You still have time. I think if your comfortable with it, wait it out more. Too early to say how it’s going to end up for that date. Just organize a plan B in case.
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  • Erika
    Devoted August 2021
    Erika ·
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    It's been on my mind lately. Our wedding is April 2021.
    We have a handful of Out of Town and Overseas Guests coming to our wedding. I pray that things go back to normal soon.

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  • Aurora
    Dedicated July 2020
    Aurora ·
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    I don’t think your crazy. A vaccine roll out could take 6 months or longer. Not everyone will have access to it right away. At least that’s the current thought. If wanting a normal wedding witj no COVID or a bi-annually vaccine does COVID that everyone has access to, I’d agree postponing even farther is probably best. We are doing a smaller wedding next weekend though.
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  • Ashley
    Beginner April 2021
    Ashley ·
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    I'm starting to have the same worries with our 4/3/21 wedding because the majority of our guests are from out of state, but we're going forward because luckily Virginia is doing well compared to other states. I think I'm the end we'll end up sticking with it no matter the case even if it's fewer people.
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  • Risa
    Beginner September 2021
    Risa ·
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    Our wedding is May 7th, 2021. I’m moving ahead with booking vendors as usual. Though I am paying extra attention to rescheduling clauses in contracts. I think there will be a vaccine available in America by the end of 2020. Yes, it will take awhile for every one to get vaccinated. But I think restrictions will have to loosen within a couple months of a vaccine being released.
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