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Spain honeymoons all inclusive

Brittany, on March 11, 2016 at 7:55 AM Posted in Honeymoon 0 6
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My FH and I have been looking into different honeymoon locations lately. We were originally planning on doing the Caribbean but the Zika virus has us worried. I have been looking into Spain beach locations and see there are some all inclusive resorts available. Has anyone been to an all inclusive in Spain before? Any info would be great we are very confused on what to do!


  • FreshToDeathAng
    Master September 2016
    FreshToDeathAng ·

    Hey date twin! Have you thought about talking to a travel agent? I know sometimes they can get a bad rap, but we're using one for our honeymoon, and they coordinate so much for you and they're generally free because they get their commission from the airlines/hotels/resorts, etc. Perhaps try looking for someone who has specific knowledge of Spain/European honeymoons. Side note - I've never been to an all inclusive resort in Spain, but San Sebastian on the northern coast is BEAUTIFUL. Gorgeous beaches, amazing culture, and the best food I've ever had. Good luck!

  • Private_User804
    Master November 2016
    Private_User804 ·

    Spain is lovely, and you really don't need to do a package to travel there. In fact, I would strongly recommend NOT staying in an all-inclusive. You'll be in a fascinating country with a rich history and amazing cities.....why stay in a cookie-cutter hotel with a beach that could be anywhere in the world? Get a hotel in Granada then spend a weekend in Mojacar or drive down the coast!

  • Brittany
    Savvy September 2016
    Brittany ·

    We are looking into non inclusive as well however I have never been on a vacation like that and am unsure if we could stay in budget with no meals included. Thanks for your input this far! Keep the comments coming! Does any one have a hotel or area to recommend?

  • EmilyJ
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    EmilyJ ·

    Eating in Spain is actually not that expensive! Find some hotels with included breakfast, and they eat lunch really basically dinner time late.

    Most places have a "menu del Dia" menu of the day, and it's a 3 course special, usually including wine for a very reasonable price.

    At least that's how it was in Barcelona and Madrid.

  • Christine
    Master October 2015
    Christine ·

    I live in Spain (Madrid) and I do agree with the other ladies that an all-inclusive isn't necessary over here, there's so much more to see and do outside of a resort. If you're looking for beachy and romantic, Formentera, an island about a 30 min ferry ride from Ibiza, has gorgeous beaches and amazing seafood.

    That being said, there are a few nice all-inclusive resorts over here. Another American friend of mine is getting married to a Spaniard in May and they're honeymooning at one in the Canary Islands (part of Spain but off the Northern coast of Africa). There are also a few in Ibiza as well. Good luck with your search and feel free to ask me any other Spain questions!

    ETA: I 100% agree with Emilyg, San Sebastian is gorgeous and the food is AMAZING, some of the best restaurants in the world are in that city. We're planning a trip back there for our first anniversary to go to Arzak!

  • Dinora  Harwood
    October 2019
    Dinora Harwood ·

    If you have a travel counselor I suggest you talk to them, It will may actually cost you less to book it through a travel agent than doing it on your own. As they have access to the latest offers and promotions. Of course I am biased as I am one myself. I have some great all inclusive options in Spain and you can let me know if you like information.



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