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Social anxiety..

Christine, on October 12, 2017 at 10:44 PM Posted in Fitness and Health

Any fellow social anxiety sufferers? I'm getting married tomorrow afternoon and am so stressed and anxious thinking about being the center of attention all day, especially at the ceremony. I'm really really hoping I'll calm down when it's actually happening.



  • Audrey
    Devoted October 2018
    Audrey ·

    The same!!! My wedding is next year and I'm already nervous on the fact that I'm going to be the center of attention. I hate being the center of attention. I feel so awkward and everyone will be judging me.

  • PG
    Dedicated November 2017
    PG ·

    Me!! I absolutely hate talking in front of people, or hate social situations at all, really! Haha. What makes me feel better.. is that when other people are up talking or getting married, etc. is i'm not judging them. So I feel like I have to remind myself that they're not judging me! That's just me though, good luck to you!!! Congrats!

  • N
    Beginner December 2018
    Natalie ·

    I've recently began dealing with anxiety. I found hypnosis to help me tremendously. Perhaps there's a recording you can find online and listen to it while u sleep. There's also meditation and phrases you can repeat to yourself to calm yourself. Also at the ceremony try to focus on just ur husband. Imagine it's only the two of u and ur sharing that moment together.

    Good luck and congratulations.

  • Destination Harrington
    Dedicated July 2018
    Destination Harrington ·

    Such a great post! Right there with you! We are having a destination wedding and the more intimate the better. I was getting insanely anxious as FH kept adding to the guest list. We've had quite a few bow out before the invites due to travel costs and that is honestly ok with me. The smaller the better. The one thing that I know and would suggest, is plan the morning out so that it has the least amount of stress possible to help you stay centered. And, if that fails... a mimosa will help. Good luck to you and I agree with @Natalie - focus on your FH.

  • Mary
    Dedicated November 2018
    Mary ·

    Girl, I feel you. My anxiety is worse now than it has been in years & I'm still over a year out. I'm just focusing on the fact that the point is that I will be married to the love of my life after it's all said & done & trying to stay focused on him. I wish I could be more help!

  • Juliet
    Dedicated November 2017
    Juliet ·

    I suffer from social anxiety and as the day nears I keep wondering what the hell I was thinking planning a big wedding! It's not something anyone I know would have ever expected from me but it just kind of snowballed and turned into this big 150 guests wedding and honestly the thought of being at the center of all that terrifies me. My biggest reasons for panic are walking down the aisle with everyone looking at me, being introduced at the reception and walking into a room full of people waiting for us, taking a million pictures with me and FH in the center, having to dance while everyone watches, and having to greet and thank everyone for coming. So basically everything. I'll probably spend a good portion of the night hiding out of sight lol.

    I will say I was very anxious about my bridal shower last month and while there were only 1/3 of the people there, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I was so busy that I hardly noticed I was the center of attention and I imagine the wedding is going to be similar in that regard. Also helped that I had a drink immediately upon arrival so might need to repeat that practice at the wedding.

    Good luck fellow anxious brides!

  • FutureMrs.Lucas
    VIP September 2018
    FutureMrs.Lucas ·

    I have social anxiety too but Try and relax and during the ceremony just focus on your FH and block out everyone else!

    Good luck!!!

  • Colleen
    Super October 2017
    Colleen ·

    Me too.. Wedding on Saturday.. Not sure how my legs will walk down the aisle.

  • C
    Savvy October 2017
    Christine ·

    Juliet YES! I've been nervous to walk down the aisle before I was ever engaged. And saying the vows is nerve racking. Like you said, everything.

    Mary I feel the same way and I can tell it's making some health issues I have act up more. Not what I want right now.

    Colleen best of luck to you tomorrow!! Are you walking down the aisle with anyone? Having my dad helps a little.

    Thank you to everyone who replied, I feel bad anyone has to deal with anxieties but I feel better that i'm not the only anxious bride.

  • A
    Beginner October 2017
    Anne ·

    Im a fellow anxiety sufferer. I'm getting married tomorrow and I was just saying this to my fiance!!! It's like I have cold feet about the wedding. I would marry him in a heartbeat but now after a year of planning I'm realizing how much pressure the actually wedding day is!! I'm missing that bride gene where the attention is a good thing.

  • BecomingMrsWhite
    Savvy October 2017
    BecomingMrsWhite ·

    From someone who doesn't like to be the center of attention at all, and who has IBS, my nerves are killing me! Trust me, you are not the only one! I'll have to do something to calm myself down or I will be literally sick to my stomach all day!

  • Brittany
    Dedicated October 2017
    Brittany ·

    I was really nervous about the same thing! I just got married Sunday and honestly you will,be so busy to worry about all the others and so focused on the man standing in front of you. I never thought I would be able to say our vows, ones we wrote, in front of 100+ people. Once I came down the aisle everyone else almost disappeared. He was the only,one I saw. Maybe it's mean or wrong, but it definitely made me feel better knowing he was right there with me.

  • FInebyme
    Just Said Yes September 2017
    FInebyme ·

    I suffer from anxiety and hate being in front of people and large crowds. I am unsure if my experience is the norm, but honestly I am anxious almost every day of my life, but my wedding day I was not anxious at all. I felt so ready to marry my H that I didn't feel the nerves I feel daily. To me this reaffirmed to me that this was the person I wanted to spend my life with, the person who could keep me calm on the most anxiety-provoking day of my life. Hopefully you will have a similar experience

  • S
    Just Said Yes March 2019
    Shirstan ·

    Ask your doctors for Ativan, it helps calm your nerves

  • Dana
    Expert August 2018
    Dana ·

    Same but ima take a shot or two and make it through the night. Good luck you will be absolutely fine love!

  • Constance
    VIP October 2017
    Constance ·

    We did a first look. It was sooo needed to calm my nerves. I was near a panic attack when I was about to walk down the aisle. But, as soon as I saw my husband, everything else faded away. He was fidgety the whole time. He has really bad social anxiety. He said he just kept reminding himself that if he messes up, it was ok. He actually did flub part of the vows and it was the most endearing part of the ceremony. We love each other for all our quirks. Keep centered on your spouse and lean on each other for strength.

  • Melissa
    Expert October 2018
    Melissa ·

    I'm right there with you. I think we'll do a first look to calm things. Plus I'll have 70+/- people, so not too big. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it calm and steady and not fall down the aisle lol

  • KatieMBY
    VIP January 2018
    KatieMBY ·

    Same. I am getting seriously anxious the more the date gets closer for us. I hate being the center of attention, and I'm a people pleaser, so I'm always trying to turn the focus on someone or something else. I'm overwhelmed with how much has to be focused on me, like the shower and the bachelorette. It freaks me out.

    EDIT: My advice for your specific situation is take a moment for yourself, alone. Take a deep breath and look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of how much of a badass you are. You can do this. It's going to be amazing.

  • september2018
    Devoted September 2018
    september2018 ·

    I have awful social anxiety. We are doing a first look to hopefully help with that.

  • Honeybee
    Super December 2017
    Honeybee ·

    I'm there there with you!

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