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Skipping a recessional song, using an Mp3, or guitarist?

Futuremrst, on July 19, 2019 at 12:05 PM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 5
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We’re two weeks out and I didn’t even think of this until today, but we don’t have a recessional song! We have an acoustic guitarist (friend of FFIL) for while guests are seated and the processional, but we never asked him about the recessional. Do we need a recessional song? If we do, would it make more sense to have the guitarist do that as well or would a MP3 player and speaker work?


  • Allie
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    Allie ·
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    I would just have the guitarist do it. I'm sure he would be willing.

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  • Melle
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    Melle ·
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    Yea the guitarist is there already anyway so I think it'd be nice to utilize him. I had a recessional song! I used I do by colbie caillat
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  • Peggy
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    Peggy Online ·
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    Just ask the guitarist, he’s probably assuming he’s going to play something anyway. I would ask him if he has any music suggestions though before picking a random song this close. He may not mind a sudden request but I would at least ask.
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  • October2019
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    You don't NEED one. We are putting songs on an e-file and having someone play them during the processional and recessional but they won't be the typical wedding instrumental songs. And we will behave a gutarist as well.
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  • Futuremrst
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    Futuremrst ·
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    Thank you everyone! FH is going to ask our guitarist if he could play during the recessional, and if he has suggestions. This was probably a super easy decision but I feel like my anxiety is working overtime making everything feel harder than it is!
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