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Punkin Beer
Master October 2017

Signing venue contract this weekend. Anything I should look for?

Punkin Beer, on July 22, 2016 at 2:29 PM Posted in Planning 1 18

We're going to sign and do the down payment on our ceremony and reception venue. Any recommendations or things you wish you had checked for? We're also going to have the big wedding conversation with FH's parents this weekend. I hope it goes well....


Latest activity by NewMrsWesely, on July 22, 2016 at 4:35 PM
  • Melody
    Master April 2017
    Melody ·
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    Make sure you know your end time and what needs to happen at that time. Ours needs to be completely dark by midnight for example. Edit spelling is hard

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  • Kata
    Dedicated July 2017
    Kata ·
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    Make sure you look at prices with taxes and services. When I was booking my venue I had to specifically ask for the total price as they were just presenting it without taxes and services, and trying to convince me to sign prior to looking. Also check how early you're allowed to arrive at your venue prior to your ceremony.

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  • Lily
    Super April 2017
    Lily ·
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    Kara is definitely right. Ask if the price include taxes.

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  • FutureMrsFrench
    Expert November 2017
    FutureMrsFrench ·
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    Make sure you understand if it's Price++ what that will total.

    Also, the payment schedule.are gratuities included

    tax and service charges.

    Cake cutting fees or cork fees.

    Minimum # of guests, policy on outside vendors and price to feed them. For us, it was free for their preferred vendors but 1/2 the price of a plate for outside vendors + tax.

    Overtime fees and what are they if there are any.

    Is clean-up included?

    Noise restrictions or extra outlets for your DJ. Get a feel for the layout of where everything goes and that you're 100% happy about it.

    Is deposit refundable? If so, until when.

    ETA: do they include linens? What is the parking situation? and weather plan if it rains.

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  • TimeLadyErika
    Master May 2017
    TimeLadyErika ·
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    Punkin, I believe in the me that believes in you! The talk will go awesome!!

    I checked to see what wasn't allowed, what was allowed. If I needed insurance, boring crap like that.

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  • Tallah
    VIP October 2017
    Tallah ·
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    Make sure you're covered. There should be a clause that if for any reason the venue is not able to provide all of the services listed in the lease, you are entitled to cancel your contract with no penalties and a full refund.

    Make sure that everything you were promised is listed in the contract. My venue made a bunch of promises but didn't list them in the contract until I specifically asked.

    Make sure you're allowed to publish images of the venue for personal uses, not commercial. (You don't want to run into trouble in case it comes up on facebook or something.)

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  • Punkin Beer
    Master October 2017
    Punkin Beer ·
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    They are pretty laid back as a venue. But here are the details.

    Taxes and gratuity are extra (but specified in the contract).

    Cake cutting is free.

    No corkage fees as all alcohol must be purchased through them (craft brewey).

    No min # of guests. Max is 64 but we'll be under.

    Outside vendors are required for everything except catering, as they have their own attached restaurant.

    Set up and clean up is included.

    Noise restrictions are amplified (DJ) music is allowed to 10pm and indoors only

    Deposit is partially refundable based on the date we cancel (we get more back the sooner we give them notice)

    Layout is fine. Not ideal but I love the venue even with it.

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  • therightLane
    Master October 2017
    therightLane ·
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    I agree with @Tallah! Photos are very important.

    How soon you can get in to setup and when you have to break everything down?

    Are there licenses you need to get like liquor license?

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  • Christina
    VIP September 2017
    Christina ·
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    I agree with TimeLadyErika...I am sure you have asked about the basic things if you are ready to sign your contract. I would pretty much ask about the boring adult stuff like insurance, liability, restrictions, etc. There are also certain things regarding ceremony/reception. For example, I am getting married in the mountains and you can't have any type of open flame in the mountains so no unity candle, sparkle sendoff, etc. Make sure anything you agree to is in writing. You don't want to come back six months from now and say that you couldn't do something when they told you that you could. I also just searched pinterest for a lot of venue questions to ask. Here is an example of one of the sites I used. Just to make sure you have all of your bases covered.

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  • MrsToBe-BecameMrs
    VIP September 2016
    MrsToBe-BecameMrs ·
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    Make sure you get a full refund if something happens and the venue can not uphold the entire contract (or a better substitute)

    Most venues SAY you'll get it all back but it's rarely in writing.

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  • Punkin Beer
    Master October 2017
    Punkin Beer ·
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    Napkins are included, no other linens.

    All send off items are allowed, including open flames

    1 million dollar liability insurance is required

    They already have a liquor license.

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  • Punkin Beer
    Master October 2017
    Punkin Beer ·
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    Thanks everyone, I'm writing an email based on your suggestions to get clarification. This venue doesn't do a ton of weddings so their contract doesn't spell everything out. I hate to sound bitchy about such hyper-specific things. :/

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  • TiffanyGomez2018
    VIP July 2017
    TiffanyGomez2018 ·
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    Following because I know nothing about weddings or the questions to ask venues prior to signing

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  • Private_User804
    Master November 2016
    Private_User804 ·
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    Definitely ask them to amend if anything isn't as you were promised, etc. Our venue quoted us a lower ceremony figure on the walkthrough by accident, and when I brought it up they honored the lower figure and amended the contract to include it, for instance. Also check if they want to take photos of the wedding for their own advertising/commercial use that you're ok with that for yourself AND your guests (I was not).

    Make sure you're crystal clear on when everyone can arrive/setup, what happens to things at the end, what their staff are responsible for vs your vendors. I did this by asking them to walk me through a 'typical' wedding day at the venue, logistics included.

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  • MrsA2B
    Expert September 2017
    MrsA2B ·
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    Ask if there are any time restrictions on your ceremony rehearsal & setting up decorations the night before or morning of!

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  • Ana
    Dedicated May 2017
    Ana ·
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    Check if decorations have to be put up and put down at a certain time.

    Review if they have specifics on music. (Sound systems, etc)

    See if security is provided.

    Ours required a fee for a person to be outside the bathrooms (picky venue).

    See what is fully included (tables, linens, chairs, etc)

    Review if there are bartender fees.

    See if there is a clause about what would happen if event is cancelled or needs to be postponed or weather related changes.

    See if you need to pay the venue certain amounts by certain dates.

    Ask about if somebody from the venue will be there supervising the whole event just in case u need to point something out to them or need something.

    Check if there is enough parking for everyone, if not, what are their suggested options.

    That's what i can remember so far.

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  • Emster
    Super September 2016
    Emster ·
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    Are you planning on doing any set-up yourself? If you are, I'd ask when you're allowed to start (ie morning of, night before, etc).

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  • NewMrsWesely
    Master September 2016
    NewMrsWesely ·
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    I know it might of been a month back but someone asked this and they gave her lots of things to look for.

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