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Dedicated August 2020

Signature Cocktails

Bride123, on March 14, 2020 at 9:36 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 4
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What are you guys doing for your signature cocktail? I'm thinking 2 (one to go down each section of our ice luge). I wanted to do mojitos but the mint leaves would get stuck.


Latest activity by Pirate & 60s Bride, on March 15, 2020 at 2:26 PM
  • Kasyah
    Devoted July 2020
    Kasyah ·
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    That's a cool idea! We are doing just one- a Paloma. It's a fav of both of ours.
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  • D
    Dedicated July 2021
    Daniel ·
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    I have a warp sense of humor and we are doing Coronas
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  • Kaitlin
    Dedicated October 2020
    Kaitlin ·
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    We are doing two but also can be made into different options if that makes sense.
    we both like whiskey sours so that will be one. then we will just buy coke so people can have jack and coke!
    then i chose a vodka/more girly drink!along with 2 different types of beer we will have and 2 options of wine as well.
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  • Pirate & 60s Bride
    Legend March 2017
    Pirate & 60s Bride ·
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    That’s hilarious and awesome! 🍺
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