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ARIEL, on September 11, 2019 at 10:26 AM Posted in Wedding Reception 2 14
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Hi everyone, I am having difficulty with signage for my wedding. What ones are needed? How many of each? Help!


  • Jessica
    VIP June 2020
    Jessica ·
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    I am doing a welcome sign, bar sign, memorial sign, guest book sign, donut sign and then using a pallet to make a big "timeline" of the night for guests because we are not having any kind of programs or anything.

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  • Kelly
    Super October 2019
    Kelly ·
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    You are going to get a lot of opinions on this one. Some people don't use any signs & some like me have signs for days & others are in between.

    Our biggest signs are: the welcome sign outside & one inside, a booze & I do's sign by the cocktail bar & ceremony area, a photo booth sign and a wedding program sign.

    The extra signs: two stake signs for parking (sounds weird but every time someone met me at the venue they asked where they were supposed to park as it's a Golf Club and the venue parking is all the way in the back), memory sign, guest book sign, cupcake flavor sign, dog treat sign (yes, we are SO those people), bubbles sign, 2x reserved signs (for the rows up front), a signature drink sign, and a bar sign (it reads something along the lines - today's drinks are free, tomorrow's stories are priceless).

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  • Ivy ORP
    VIP October 2019
    Ivy ORP ·
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    I bought signs for the memorial table and one to remind our guests that the ceremony will be tech free. We're making signs for the guest book, favors, card and gift table, and one for the signature drink. We already had these cute, small chalkboard signs for the hors d'oeuvres that will be placed so I have extras I can use for most of these.

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  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    Melle ·
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    I made these signs:
    Two welcome signs
    Guest book
    Card boxCandy buffetBoba barBubble send off
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  • Julianasantos
    Savvy September 2019
    Julianasantos ·
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    I had a sign for "cards and gifts", an "in lieu of favors" sign, "in memory of" sign for passed loved ones, a sign for the place cards (since mine doubled as a guest book alternative), and a sign at the church asking guests to note use their phones.

    The sign for the church I bought on Etsy and had printed at Staples. I bought a frame at Walmart for it and propped it on an easel.

    All of the other signs I made using a "templett" purchased from Etsy. They're completely editable so you can change anything on it. I liked being able to make them myself because I could keep the font and general format the same so that they all looked good together. I had these signs printed on card stock at Staples and then put them in assorted frames.

    Cards & giftsSignage? 1In lieu of favorsSignage? 2Place cards/guest book alternativeSignage? 3

    In loving memorySignage? 4Unplugged ceremonySignage? 5

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  • MrsD
    Legend July 2019
    MrsD ·
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    We had these signs:

    Pick a Seat, Not a Side (for seating at ceremony)

    You Should Be Here (memorial table)

    Cigar Bar (arrow pointing to cigar area)

    Drinks are on us (at one of the bars)

    Alcohol available list (at other bar)

    Important Dates (first met, engagement, wedding)

    Cards & Gifts (on the card table)

    They all aren't needed, but that's what we had! We also had individual programs for each person at the ceremony that had more information.

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  • Kelly
    Champion October 2018
    Kelly Online ·
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    We didn’t have a single sign! I don’t think any signs are truly needed but it’s whatever you want and have the budget for.
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  • Caytlyn
    Legend November 2019
    Caytlyn ·
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    There’s not a single sign that’s really needed, it’s just about preference and budget
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  • Samantha
    Expert October 2020
    Samantha ·
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    I don’t think any signs are necessary, but if you want them then by all means go for it!
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  • V
    VIP July 2019
    Veronica Online ·
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    We had a ton of signs for our wedding, but they aren't required. We just wanted them.

    - welcome_ choose a seat not a side- our hashtag
    - gifts & cards
    - favors- guest book- flip flops
    - message in a bottle
    - candy bar
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  • R
    Devoted October 2019
    Roxana ·
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    I have a billion signs (and counting).
    It really just depends on on your preference.
    Although I would have at least a welcome sign and seating.
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  • M
    Super September 2019
    Mrs. Bubba ·
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    1 Welcome/Unplugged Ceremony sign
    1 Order of events sign
    1 Thank you sign
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  • Laura
    Expert September 2019
    Laura ·
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    You honestly don't need to have signs. It's all up to personal preference.

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  • Courtney
    Rockstar December 2019
    Courtney ·
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    We're only having a welcome sign, seating chart, cards & gifts, and guestbook. The layout of our venue is pretty straightforward so no need for directional ones.

    Signage? 6

    Signage? 7

    Signage? 8

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