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Shoe help!! Pic heavy

Maddie, on September 14, 2021 at 5:53 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 10

HI!!...So I'm getting to the shoe buying stage of planning and I just want to get some thoughts. I'm obsessed with these Freebird Shoes that are haunting my IG but I'm unsure which color to get. My first instinct is to go with the tan shoes, but I'm wondering if the green might look cool as a pop of color and the black I know I would just use every day.

Shoe help!! Pic heavy 1

Shoe help!! Pic heavy 2

Shoe help!! Pic heavy 3

This is my dress:

Shoe help!! Pic heavy 4

I in no way shape or form want anything sparkly or white. I'm also cheap so if I'm going to spend 200 dollars on shoes I better be able to use them again and again until I die.

I love seeing brides that have a pop of color with their shoes, and my color scheme is black, burgundy, plums, and dark greens with some burlap thrown in there. Also I'm going to be wearing a flower wreath instead of a veil with purple and greens.

Both my mom and my man of honor aren't feeling these shoes but they're both super traditional. I found these two as well, so would love to hear thoughts or other suggestions.

Shoe help!! Pic heavy 5

Shoe help!! Pic heavy 6


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  • Cece
    Super November 2022
    Cece ·
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    Green shoes with the triple ankle strap, all the way!!! 🖤🤘🏻
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  • Rosie
    Rockstar February 2022
    Rosie ·
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    I actually like the last 2 shoes you posted - I love the decorated leather of the tan pair, and I think the bali elf green ones (I recognise them from IG!) are also super cute.

    which do you think you'd wear most, and what colour will work best with your non-wedding wardrobe? If wearing them again is important to you then I'd think about those things.

    On the other hand, I personally think your wedding is not a day for practical, but about impractical, inexplicable love, and to me that's shoes included, so I'd buy the ones I was most drawn to and to hell with whether they were comfortable or practical or anything else, lol!

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  • Cece
    Super November 2022
    Cece ·
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    Oooo I didn’t see the bottom 2 pairs… I’d like to change my vote to the 2nd pair of green ones!
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  • Mrs.a
    Master October 2021
    Mrs.a ·
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    I personally love the green shpes
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  • B
    Super July 2017
    Becky ·
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    I like the first ones, and were I you, I would go with the green - and I would wear them everywhere - BUT I love, love, love the second green pair.

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  • Janae
    Devoted September 2021
    Janae ·
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    The last brown one has that earthy feel I think you're going for! LOVE

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  • Samantha
    Devoted May 2022
    Samantha ·
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    I like the first tan ones and the last green ones!

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  • Mcskipper
    Master July 2018
    Mcskipper ·
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    I like the tan of the first set best out of those colors, but my absolute fav option is the last one, the green! They’re SO cute and a really effective color pop. The other green almost seems like too neutral with the pattern/texture to function as a noticeable pop
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  • Candace
    Devoted March 2022
    Candace ·
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    I love the vibes from the green ones with the snake skin texture! It's earthy and fun. I also like a pop of color for bride shoes.
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  • Tara
    VIP November 2016
    Tara ·
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    Not gonna lie, I do love the green FreeBird shoes, especially if they go with your color scheme!! But if they're not something you'd wear often to justify the cost, I'd go with the tan (either those or the other tan you posted). I like the idea of the tan shoes. The still go with your overall feel and bring the focus back to your dress!!!

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