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September 2021 San Diego Covid Wedding Rules?

Pearl, on May 22, 2021 at 10:13 AM Posted in California Planning 0 3
Hi everyone! Our wedding is at the end of September in beautiful San Diego. Currently, the County mandates are that for a large indoor private event, everyone should be vaccinated or have proof of a negative covid test within 3 days of the event. However, the news just came out that the state will be re-opening fully on June 15th. I was originally going to include an insert informing the guests of the vaccination/covid test requirement in on our invitation suite (we’re sending out in June since half our guests are from out of town). Do you think I should still do this? Any opinions on the matter would definitely help! Thanks so much!


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    I would talk to your venue to find out if they will still have specific requirements. I don't live in California but where I do live has reopened but are still letting businesses decide what they are comfortable allowing.
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    Not on my invites, but on our website. I just said said we'd follow all local guidance regarding Covid restrictions/precautions and that we encouraged all guests to get vaccines of they can. I'm in Sacramento so I know how it is...
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    Hi! I’m in San Diego, but I no longer keep up with all of the covid guidelines (because I’m SO over it all) 😖. Yes, our venue has some current restrictions on our cocktail style reception. But they also mentioned June 15th and felt that we would be fine (and restriction-free) by our October date. Since we recently canceled all of our wedding plans in Las Vegas and will remain in San Diego for the wedding now, I need to update our website. But, on there I plan to mention something about adhering to whatever the state and venue’s guidelines are at the time of the wedding.
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