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Second wedding- no bridesmaids?

Sarah, on December 9, 2019 at 12:05 AM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 8
It’s my second marriage and I have two teenage girls. My oldest daughter really wants to be maid of honor, but I don’t think I even want a bridal party... Any advise on bridal parties or how to involve my daughters without the feelings of competition or jealousy?


Latest activity by Tiffany, on January 18, 2020 at 12:35 AM
  • Caytlyn
    Legend November 2019
    Caytlyn ·
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    If you choose not to have a wedding party, maybe you could involve them in another way. Walking you down the aisle, doing a reading, a family unity ceremony...
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  • Pirate & 60s Bride
    Legend March 2017
    Pirate & 60s Bride ·
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    What about if all three of you get your hair & makeup done together and get the “getting ready” photos? And they could walk you down the aisle.
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  • A
    Super February 2020
    Andrea ·
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    My sister is my MOH and the only one standing up there with me. My FH will have his only brother next to him. I’ve asked my little sister to just get to the airport on time to not miss her flight...
    We aren’t doing bridal showers or bachelor/ette parties, but instead have asked them to help us get ready the day of and to hold each other’s rings. My sister helped me pick a dress and my FBIL is in charge of buying the champagne.
    Since you aren’t having a formal bridal party you could task your daughters with smaller things like what we are doing. Rings or helping you out with dress shopping. Perhaps getting ready together the day of, or doing a small family excursion before you tie the knot?
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  • Jeanie
    Super February 2020
    Jeanie ·
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    I think if you include your daughters as bridesmaids, it’s not really like having a bridal party. They’re your kids. And they probably wouldn’t even think of doing the traditional bridal party stuff.
    This is my second wedding as well, and I also am not having a bridal party. But I am having my son (12 years old) walk me down the isle and stand by me for the ceremony. To me, it wouldn’t be right to exclude him from the ceremony when it is just as an important day for him as well.
    If you decide to include your daughters, make sure they’re given equal titles so there isn’t any competition. You could also call them daughters of honor instead of having a maid of honor or bridesmaids. This is your wedding and you can make up the rules to fit the wedding you want to have. You don’t have to have a traditional bridal party if you want one, and it’s also ok to not have one at all.
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  • Melanie
    Savvy April 2020
    Melanie ·
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    Same situation. Second marriage for me, first for finace and I have 2 teen girls. They are my bridemaids and we ordered dresses from Birdy Grey. I did not pick one over the other as MOH and will not. I want them both beside me as we create our new family commitment. My friends that would have been my bm will still throw me a bachlorette party and be with me in the bridal suite. It was definitely less complicated and more meaningful this way. One friend is overseas, another on an opposite coast and one 2 hours away. My daughters are with me every day.
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  • Jennifer
    VIP October 2021
    Jennifer ·
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    Have both stand up for you- or offer to have them both stand up. If the one doesn’t want to don’t force it. Call them Bridesmaids and tell them that you aren’t doing a “traditional”
    Bridal party- but you wanted to include them....
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  • Barbara
    Dedicated January 2020
    Barbara ·
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    I have 2 daughters one 22 and the other 18. They are walking me down the Aisle and helping with my train. I'm not having any bridal party except the 2 of them.
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  • Tiffany
    Just Said Yes March 2020
    Tiffany ·
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    I'm kinda in the same boat. I'm not having bridesmaids but my fiance his daughter is 22 and she is going to be my moh. Her son is going to be ring bearer also. That's all we're having.
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