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Second Wedding Invitation Wording

Mandi, on April 9, 2020 at 2:12 PM Posted in Parties and Events 0 4
I'm trying to figure out the wording for our new invitations for our wedding ceremony and reception. I decided that omitting our last names seems like the best choice.

Since we are already legally married and our new theme is Haunted Mansion, we're thinking of putting the hitchhiking ghosts on the top saying something like "We got hitched."
Join us for our formal wedding ceremony.But does that sound like formal attire?Because I don't care what people wear and people are welcome to wear their Halloween costumes.
Once again. If you think eloping due to Coronavirus means my postponed wedding = vow renewal. See yourself out.


Latest activity by Kari, on April 26, 2020 at 5:45 PM
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    Love the ghost idea you can say join us to officially celebrate..if you don’t want to use the word formal. My best friend got married a few Halloween’s ago and her save the dates had a play on skeletons with “TIL death do us part” join us for our...etc. Something similar to pic below for reference Second Wedding Invitation Wording 1

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  • Neeva
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    I agree with official over formal.

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  • Amy
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    Hi Mandi,

    What a fun idea! I'm a big fan of Halloween, so a Haunted Mansion wedding sounds FAB! Smiley love

    I agree with the PP. The word "formal" is tricky because your guests may think it means black tie/cocktail/fancy. If you're encouraging guests to wear costumes, be sure to mention that somewhere (wedding website). Attire expectations is one of the 4 Things Every Wedding Guest Needs to Know--And 4 They Don't.

    Also, since I'm not sure if you've already sent an invitation and/or postponement announcement, this article may be helpful: How to Word Your Wedding Postponement Announcement .

    Good luck with your planning! Smiley heart

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  • Kari
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    Just here to comment that yes, this is your wedding! To me "getting married" is the legal part and your wedding is the actual ceremony. Just because you are already legally married doesn't make this a vow renewal!

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