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Second covid wedding, second wedding ring?

Jenny, on January 21, 2021 at 3:40 AM Posted in Planning 0 10
I'm trying to figure out a lot of different aspects of having the second wedding due to COVID after the initial minimony.

For everyone in a similar situation, are you planning on getting a second wedding band for the postponed big wedding, or are you just going with the ring you already used?


Latest activity by Hannah, on January 21, 2021 at 9:14 PM
  • Erin
    Expert May 2021
    Erin ·
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    I would stick with the first ring
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  • Michelle
    Rockstar April 2021
    Michelle ·
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    I’m not in your situation but I’d stick with the original ring.
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  • Yasmine
    Rockstar October 2020
    Yasmine ·
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    I'm getting another band to add to the top of my engagement ring! So I'll have a band from both weddings.
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  • Caytlyn
    Legend November 2019
    Caytlyn ·
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    I would stick with your actual wedding band.
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  • Blair
    Super June 2021
    Blair ·
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    I'm using my original ring

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  • Mrs. Spring
    Master April 2021
    Mrs. Spring ·
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    I plan on going with a ribg that I already own.
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  • Virginia
    Super June 2021
    Virginia ·
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    I am getting a 2nd band to symbolize the 2nd wedding. It's the story of our lives. Besides, I love the look of stacked rings.

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  • Chrysta
    Master November 2022
    Chrysta ·
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    I think it’s totally up to you! You could very easily just use the same ring. Or, if you like the look of a stack, you could get a second ring to symbolize the second celebration. I am actually going to get 3 rings. When we had to postpone our wedding from 2020 to 2021, my fiancé got me the enhancer I wanted to symbolize what would have been our wedding. Then, we had to postpone again to 2022, so I got a diamond stacking band to honor what would have been our second wedding date. And of course I plan to get my regular wedding band for our actual wedding next year. It probably seems excessive to some people, but FH and I are sentimental people and we wanted to honor each date we had vowed to spend forever with one another. If you are sentimental and want to wear something that honors both dates, then I say go for a beautiful stacking ring that you can wear with your ering and wedding band! Then, when you look down at your finger, you can be reminded of both celebrations 💕
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  • Suzie
    Super October 2021
    Suzie ·
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    We’re using the original rings. We may inscribe them for the second go around
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  • Hannah
    Master July 2019
    Hannah ·
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    I think it's totally up to you. Some people have stacked rings even with just 1 ceremony. I'm more of a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, so I personally wouldn't want so many rings on 1 finger, but I've seen it look amazing on other people. Do what makes you happy!
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