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Yolanda, on May 17, 2021 at 10:13 PM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 4
So how do you seat guests if the bride has 99% of the guests? I would like my cousins, aunts & uncles there. My cousins usually divide into their own immediate groups as it is. My fiancé just doesn’t want to feel like he has no one there


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    For the the ceremony let them sit on either side of the aisle. For our wedding, we had a sign that said lock a seat not a side. This would encourage guests to sit on either side. For the reception, you'd assign guests to specific tables.
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    Your ushers simply direct your relatives to sit either side. A lot of people have mixed family seating even with no particular issues. Definitely assign people to at least tables of not specific seats.
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    I know how this feels because my fiancé on his side will have about 70% of the guests. For the ceremony, you don't have to do a bride side or groom side.
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  • Yolanda
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    I lovingly told him we could have the wedding somewhere that wasn’t set in having sides. I said I’ll walk in the middle of a circle.
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