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Seamstress in New York? Preferably in Queens

Megha, on July 19, 2019 at 2:35 PM Posted in New York Planning 0 5
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Hi Ladies
Finally got my wedding dress from Paisley bridal queens from recommendations at wedding wire. Amazing store and amazing staff. Off to find a seamstress, do you have any great ones in nyc? Preferably in queens area? Thanks in advance


  • Rebecca
    Super August 2019
    Rebecca ·

    Hi! I do, but she operates out of her home, so I'm not comfortable with putting up her address on a public forum.

    She's working on my Kleinfeld sample dress, and it looks amazing already.

    Message me, and I'll send you her details.

  • M
    Beginner December 2019
    Megha ·
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    Thank you Rebecca, will message you privately.
  • D
    Savvy October 2019
    Debbie ·
    I love my seamstress. She's an older Italian woman, very reasonably priced. Her shop is a little cluttered though. Im considering taking my dress to her because i heard horrible things about David's bridal seamstresses.

    Seamstress in New York? Preferably in Queens 1
  • M
    Beginner December 2019
    Megha ·
    Thank you Debbie, I dont mind the clutter at all and I am all about supporting local businesses. I wasnt going to think about David's bridal.
  • Concetta
    Expert March 2020
    Concetta ·
    Hi !! I would suggest antoinette’s Cleaner and custom! She is a little older Italian lady and she does amazing work. She is off of Myrtle Avenue in queens

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