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Save the date - Recipient Address Printing via Minted

kNrYwC, on December 6, 2017 at 2:14 AM Posted in Planning


I'm getting ready to place my order for save the dates on Minted, and I'm having some trouble with the recipient addresses on the envelopes. Has anyone used the free feature on Minted? If so - anyway to get the childrens names to appear under their parents instead of on the same line? Example in photo attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!



  • Marie
    Devoted March 2018
    Marie ·

    Perhaps you could call customer support.

  • RealLindseyO
    Master October 2017
    RealLindseyO ·

    Just put "The Blank Family".

  • Almost Richardson<3
    Dedicated January 2018
    Almost Richardson<3 ·

    You can go into each individual address once they're uploaded into their system and edit them individually.

  • Rachel
    Dedicated October 2017
    Rachel ·

    Yes, I used it and LOVED the final result! What I did to make the childrens' names appear on the line below their parents' names was: I put the kids names under Address 1 and their address under Address 2. The hack worked perfectly.

  • D&G114
    Super January 2018
    D&G114 ·

    You could do as Rachel said or, because save the dates are not formal invitations just write "and family." I got my invitations at Minted and wanted double envelopes. I had Minted print the interior envelope with the name of the guests and children on second line if needed. The outside envelopes were from Cards and Pockets and I just addressed to the parents on the outside.

  • K
    Beginner September 2018
    Krissian ·

    I just ordered from them like 2 weeks ago and I had the same issue. I needed a second line dor the children's name. I called customer support and they said unfortunately they wont be able to do add a second like due to the limit sizing of the envelope. So I am just going to print those 3 out myself or make a label for that envelope

  • hazelgrace
    Just Said Yes January 2018
    hazelgrace ·

    I did what Rachel did and if they had more than one child I just did "The X Family"

  • Janel
    Super September 2018
    Janel ·

    Yup what Rachel said - list the children in the "Address 1" line.

  • Catti Labelle
    VIP July 2018
    Catti Labelle ·

    I ordered my save the dates from Minted on Cyber Monday and wrote in "The Blank Family" since STDs are informal. For invitations I plan on using inner envelopes to specify the family members invited and will list them out using formal titles.

  • Rya
    Devoted April 2018
    Rya ·

    Why not just address it the same way? I don't see what's wrong with and family on an invite if you are inviting the whole family. I'm confused now

  • Laura S.
    Expert June 2018
    Laura S. ·

    I just did "The ______ Family"

  • BlushWedding
    Devoted August 2018
    BlushWedding ·

    I would not write out the entire word "doctor" dr. Blank and Mrs. blank would be just fine

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