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Sam's Club Cupcakes?

Nisa, on January 30, 2018 at 9:54 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 20
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Don't laugh, but I originally thought I could do my own wedding cupcakes. I can bake and decorate well, and even insisted that it wouldn't stress me out (ha). My fiance asked where I planned on storing all of these, and that's when I realized I was being silly!

So, has anyone had Sam's Club cake or cupcakes for their weddings? I know for most of my guests, cake is cake and they won't know or care. The main reason why I wanted to do my own cupcakes is because it's so much cheaper, but going through Sam's would be only a little more expensive. Thoughts?


  • Megan
    Dedicated July 2019
    My sister also MOH was trying to convince me today that we could do my cake as well, It's not happening, we aren't bakers.. I attended a wedding that had Costco do the cupcakes and they were really good! They were also very attractively set up. Obviously you would have to set up the display yourselves but if you feel your guests are the type where cake is cake then go for it! Maybe see if they would let you try their different types so you can decide before you buy 馃槉
  • Taylor
    Savvy January 2020
    One of my bridesmaids swears but Sam鈥檚 club cake! I鈥檝e never had it but I think I鈥檒l be at least getting my cake from there to save since it鈥檒l be super small anyways and maybe cupcakes elsewhere but honestly until I got engaged I would have never known a difference. Of course now I鈥檓 cake tasting so I know 馃槀
  • Julia
    Expert August 2018
    Publix is the local favorite her (at least mine anyways), but I heard that it's only in certain states?
  • D
    Beginner October 2018
    I'm getting my wedding cake from the local grocery store. Here are my reasons why:

    1. It's CHEAP. $170 for a 3-tier cake that feeds 130, plus a $25 backup half-sheet just in case.

    2. It's DELICIOUS. Their cakes are moist and tasty. Plus I freaking LOVE buttercream, so there. By the way, if anyone who comes to my wedding wants to judge me for having buttercream instead of fondant, or complains about the lack of fruit filling (because GROSS), they can go you-know-what themselves.

    3. No one cares. Seriously, when I think back on all of the weddings I've been to in my life, there is not a single one that I could tell you anything about the cake. And besides, everybody is too drunk at that point to even notice.

    So. Sams club cupcakes get a biiiig thumbs up from me!! Go for it!!
  • Apolonia
    Just Said Yes November 2019
    Cake is cake
    so let them eat cake!
  • Amanda
    Master October 2018
    I personally hate sams club cakes .. I'm a butter cream girl only if it's made in a bakery or at home .. with real butter.. chains like that usually use tubs of buttercream .. I still think you can make your own .. store them in the fridge o could for probably 200 in my fridge
  • V
    Beginner April 2018
    I鈥檝e never had sams club cupcakes but my mom and I ordered cupcakes from super target鈥檚 bakery for my sister鈥檚 bridal shower and they were great! They were yummy, well decorated and affordable
  • bootysjojo
    October 2018
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    OMG I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE. My cake maker gave me a funny look when I told her that I can't freaking stand the taste and texture of fondant. Sam's and Costco make pretty amazing buttercream. Go on down and buy you a few testers and try with your wedding party. You will likely be very impressed. Best wishes for an amazing day!
  • M
    Dedicated July 2018
    As a chef I can tell you that most "high end" bakeries use box cake as well lol. Of course they add their own little things here and there. But trust me most people won't care because they won't be able to tell the difference. I'm making a faux cake for my wedding because I know exactly what I want look wise and ordering sheets for them to be cut out back. Not because I can't bake a delicious cake but because I don't want to lol not on my wedding day. So I say go with Costco !
  • Rj923
    Dedicated May 2018
    We ordered mini cupcakes from a vendor but I really wanted a cake for the table to cut and put a topper on. We are getting a 2 tierred Sam's club cake because they are under $40 dollars and have really cute designs. Most of our guests will be eating the cupcakes anyways so I didn't want to spend a ton on a cutting cake!
  • Jennifer
    Master September 2018

    I was the bakery manager at Costco for years and their buttercream is made with real butter - their cakes are made from a mix (not unlike most bakeries) but they are really really good. Having said that I am making my own cupcakes for my wedding - I own a small bakery since leaving Costco. I know that I can freeze my cupcakes for up to two weeks prior (without icing on them) and then I am icing them the day before (keeping them in an airtight container after that). If you are considering making your own please do not make them ahead of time and put them in the fridge - they will dry out. You are better off putting them in the freezer. Ok baker rant over lol.

    Honestly I would try the diff bakeries (costco, sams, publix depending on where you are from) and see what you think. My guests are assuming they are getting my amazing, lol, cupcakes so I am delivering! But if I was not a baker I would def try one of those three. Lots of luck!

  • L
    Just Said Yes January 2018

    Definitely do a taste testing! I don't know about Sam's Club, but our cake and desserts are being done by Publix. We sat down with their in-house event planner and did a full tasting of all flavors. It's really affordable and really good! They can make anything and are decorating it exactly as we want.

  • KB
    Dedicated July 2018

    Sam's Club has great cakes/ cupcakes. I think that is a great idea. No one will know or care and it will be less money and stress. I use to get my daughter's birthday cakes from fancy bakeries but I switched to Sam's because it was cheaper and got more compliments on taste.

  • Teresa
    Super September 2018
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    You are not the only one, I can't stand fondant! My cake maker said this is actually something she is hearing more and more and we went through cake designs without the fondant. It also saves a lot of money if you use butter cream only.

    As far as Sam's goes, I have eaten their cupcakes on a few occasions and they are good.
  • Brieanna
    Dedicated July 2021
    We have done cakes from our walmart or Albertsons all the time, but we have found that the frosting sometimes leaves a oily film in your mouth. I have always baked cupcakes and cakes, so I decided to do my own cake and cupcakes for our wedding. You can have as much as you want for way less and you get to give that personal touch at your wedding .
    I do agree with it being stressful, as I tried to do everthing for my daughters 2nd Birthday and her cake is what suffered that day. Everyone seen all the hard work I did and said let eat some cake it looks amazing!!!! Had one family go so far to say, well that's the prettiest it's gonna look from here on out. Lmao.
    I have faith that since I have a planner and other hands this time around, we'll be successful
  • Nisa
    Super March 2019
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    I LOVE PUBLIX but yes, I think they're mostly in the southeast? I just know that whenever I visit relatives in Florida they wow me, haha. I wish I had one here, but we do have some nicer grocery stores so I will give those a look also
  • Nisa
    Super March 2019
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    Good luck! I am sure you will be successful. I am DIYing literally every aspect of my wedding except food and booze, so that's mostly why I'm deciding to go elsewhere for the cupcakes. 馃槀
  • Nisa
    Super March 2019
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    Thank you for the advice! My main concern was the storage, as we definitely won't have the freezer. But this gives me another idea of buying the unfrosted cupcakes from Sam's and then icing them myself. I would have to experiment, since I would have to do them the day before and would worry about the icing getting all lopsided.
  • Brieanna
    Dedicated July 2021
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    We are not that far into our wedding yet, I wanted to diy ours too, but the venue I choose will do that for me unless I wanna bring in my own items, that is the ONE part of my wedding I don't know what to do with, such as centerpieces and what should be on the tables.
  • K
    Just Said Yes May 2018
    Sam鈥檚 club has amazing cupcakes! We鈥檙e getting donuts from Meijer because they鈥檙e our favorites. I say go for what is ultimately going to make you happy.

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