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Sams Club Bulk Floral total Review- Delivery to wedding day! (photos included)

FutureMrsKC, on February 3, 2019 at 1:47 PM

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Here it is y'all! My Sams review! It's wordy and pic heavy but if you want the short version here it is: Prepare accordingly, and DO IT! Seriously, best decision ever! My vision: white and greenery, simple, easy going, elegant and not cluttered. No large floral arrangements. I had 17 tables, a...

Here it is y'all! My Sams review! It's wordy and pic heavy but if you want the short version here it is: Prepare accordingly, and DO IT! Seriously, best decision ever!

My vision: white and greenery, simple, easy going, elegant and not cluttered. No large floral arrangements. I had 17 tables, a bridal party of 12 people total, parents, a welcome sign, etc. Florist quoted about $2500.

Here's why I did it:

I really am not a flower person. And $2500 for some leaves on a table made me want to throw up. I love them, sure, they're pretty. But, they die. You spend thousands for floral's for a few hours and then they get taken home/thrown out/etc. Not my style. I knew I wanted either bulk flowers or faux flowers for bouquets, bouts, etc. I learned faux can be just as expensive as bulk so we went bulk.

Here's my order breakdown:

630 stems total- $345 (including shipping)

400 stems of Israeli ruscus

200 stems of olive branch

30 white hydrangeas

(I also spent about $50 on 1 kind of faux flowers from Afloral.com, anemones, for my bouquet, husbands bout, and the cake, as well as fake greenery for the bouts.)


I did a lot of research before actually ordering, I looked into multiple companies and price points. I googled flower "recipes" and utilized Flower Moxies free consultations for a more accurate number of what I needed. Do this, it was so helpful, and they were scary accurate. I knew I wanted to over-order a little bit to have wiggle room for mistakes or dead branches, etc. I ordered from Sams and checked out as a guest (you don't need a membership to order bulk flowers) I ordered the flowers about a month from my wedding date and set them to be delivered 3 days before the event. They emailed me when the order shipped.

Preparing for my order:

This is the most important! Everyone tells you doing your own flowers is stressful, but it really doesn't have to be as long as you're prepared. I ordered a flower kit from Amazon with shears, tape, wire, etc. I had ribbon on hand for the bouquets. I also had a spray water bottle for the greenery to keep it fresh. I got a bottle of wine. I got about 6 buckets. I watched YouTube videos about how to make a garland. I even bought cheap faux flowers beforehand and played with arranging them so I knew the look I liked without wasting time Wednesday. I probably spent about $50ish in supplies. I cleared my schedule the Wednesday before the wedding and I woke up that morning ready for my order to arrive.

Upon arrival:

They arrived via FEDEX at around 10am. I immediately opened all of the boxes and began cutting the stems at an angle and putting them into water to "drink". The ruscus looked great, the olive branches were dry and the hydrangeas were a little smashed and small (expected). Cutting the stems total maybe took an hour and a half. I was sweating, to be honest. I them transported them to a spare bedroom out of the harsh sunlight to drink, rest, and open. I left them for a few hours and went to the grocery store, ran a few errands, etc.

flowers delivered in boxescfb_1128431.jpgimmediately after openingcfb_1128433.jpgset into buckets of water with stems cutcfb_1128435.jpgletting them drink - don't mind my laundry!cfb_1128437.jpg

Putting them together:

When it was time to really get the party started, it only took a few hours for the hydrangeas to really open up and the greenery to look super fresh. I spent probably 6 hours total putting together everything. (I should probably back track here and say I pre-made all of the mens bouts with faux flowers and greenery, as well as the grandmas corsages, this saved SO MUCH TIME). I did the easy things first: the pew hangs (just some greenery and ribbon), the little wreaths for the cake table, the little welcome sign garland, the larger garland for the fireplace mantle (this took the most time, but only 30 minutes to an hour). I prepped as much as I possibly could. I even made a greenery chandelier but it was the last thing I did and I was tired (totally would have added more hanging greenery but whatevs.) Then I moved onto the bouquets. The moms nosegay was 1 hydrangea and a few stems of greenery. Easy enough. Put them together quickly and wrapped in ribbon. 5 bridesmaids bouquets: 1 hydrangea and a lot more greenery than the moms. Also easy enough. Then my bouquet, 3 hydrangeas, a lot of greenery and 5 of the anemone flowers I ordered from afloral.com to match husbands bout.

husbands bout made from faux greenery and a "real feel" anemone flower and golf teescfb_1128439.jpg


Arguably the biggest pain in the behind with DIY bulk flowers. It took 2 cars to get everything to our venue. A 50 minute drive from our house. We had to keep all of the hydrangeas in water, so I actually used baggies and hair ties. I filled the baggie with a little water, wrapped it around the stem with the hair tie and put it back in an empty bucket to sit upright. They stayed in the baggie all night in my hotel until the wedding day. They had opened up SO MUCH. Honestly 1 flower was totally enough for the bridesmaids to carry.

totally packed carcfb_1128441.jpg

Friday set up:

We had round and rectangular tables. For the round tables, we laid the greenery down in a small cluster around candles (the candles were friggin' romantic when lit, btw.) For the rectangular tables we laid the greenery down the center in a loose garland look with candles. We also had table numbers, salt and pepper shakers, etc. and with a set table it looked perfect and fresh! I also did this on other tables like the food, our sweetheart table, etc. With the hydrangeas we had left over, I took the petals off of some for the flower girl and then the rest we placed in vases around the venue. We also had some for our church ceremony. We had all day Friday to set up but setting out the flowers took less than an hour.

bridesmaid caught me in actioncfb_1128443.jpgleft over hydrangeas placed around venuecfb_1128445.jpgsweetheart table set up- garland and loose greenery plus my bouquet in water baggiecfb_1128447.jpg

Wedding day:

Everything looked fresh and perfect. The DOC sprayed the greenery morning of the wedding but it really didn't need it. I loved the organic look! So natural and effortlessly pretty!

my bouquetcfb_1128449.jpgloved how it photographed and the organic lookcfb_1128451.jpgbridesmaids single hydrangea and greenerycfb_1128453.jpg

pew hangscfb_1128457.jpgwelcome sign garlandcfb_1128461.jpgcake tablecfb_1128463.jpgduring the receptioncfb_1128465.jpgsmall set ups cfb_1128467.jpgclose upscfb_1128469.jpg

After the wedding:

Most of the greenery got thrown away but my bridesmaid left her bouquet at our house when she flew home so I put it in a vase. My mom had mine at her house. We left for a week for our honeymoon. When we got home the hydrangeas were definitely suffering. They really don't live too long, even in water. BUT THE GREENERY is still going strong! Seriously, it looks as fresh today (a week and a half later) as it did the day it was delivered.

1 week post wedding- flower looking rough but greenery going strong!cfb_1128471.jpg

In conclusion I'd 10000% do this again. The effort was expected, but I was prepared for it. The flowers looked exactly like I had hoped and dreamed, and I saved SO MUCH MONEY. If you're not willing to dedicate a day to it, it might not be for you. And if I was doing something more intricate, I might've gotten a florist anyhow but knowing how simple I wanted things I just tackled the challenge head on. So glad I did!

Hope this was helpful for you brides looking into Sams!


  • Jen
    Savvy September 2020
    Jen ·
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    This post was amazingly helpful and made the idea of DIY flowers less daunting, thank you!!
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  • Mandy
    Savvy August 2019
    Mandy ·
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    This is so helpful! Thank you for posting this!
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  • J
    Savvy March 2019
    Jacqueline ·
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    Wow, for starters I want to congratulate you on your wedding and on the fantastic job on the floral/greenery arrangements. Nicely done!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your experience and providing tips.

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  • Jo
    WeddingWire Administrator May 2015
    Jo ·
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    This is so amazing, and probably the best advertisement for Sams Club ever, hahaha! You've very talented!!

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  • Shelby
    Savvy September 2020
    Shelby ·
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    Thank you so so much for this post! So helpful and informative. Your wedding looked absolutely beautiful!

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  • FutureMrsKC
    Master January 2019
    FutureMrsKC ·
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    Thanks so much everyone! Definitely recommend going this route if you want to save a ton of money!

    Also, side note. The Israeli ruscus that I ordered is STILL ALIVE AND GOING STRONG! I have it in a vase at my house! Our wedding was 4 weeks ago!

    Seriously, that is some hardy greenery and the green color is beautiful. If you're afraid of killing your flowers, its really hard to kill this and its so hardy and easy to work with!

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  • Brandi
    Dedicated June 2020
    Brandi ·
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    Thank you for this post!! It has honestly made me so excited and confident about my choice to do DIY flowers using REAL bulk flowers! (I soooo didn’t want to use silk flowers)
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  • SteeleMyHeart
    Just Said Yes October 2019
    SteeleMyHeart ·
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    Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!! Also wondering where you got your card box? Is it acrylic?

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  • Kristen
    Dedicated October 2019
    Kristen ·
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    Wow thanks for posting ! I have been wanting to DIY our arrangements and order bulk flowers from Costco. EVERYONE advises against it ! I’m glad to hear that it was completely doable. How far in advance did you make the arrangements? I’ve read that hydrangeas are hard to keep hydrated if it’s too far in advance.
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  • Stephanie
    Beginner April 2020
    Stephanie ·
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    This is epic thank you!!

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  • Sara
    Expert June 2019
    Sara ·
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    Thank you so much for this!!! We were planningto order white hydrangeas and greenery (seeded euc and/or ruscus) from Sam's Club! This is super, duper helpful. Thank you Smiley smile

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  • N
    Just Said Yes June 2019
    N Call ·
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    I know its already been said, but thank you!

    I told my florist my budget for flowers and her quote was double it. She told me I had till Friday to sign or her price would double. I've been afraid to try DIY my flowers, because it seems tricky, but this gives me confidence.

    I've heard great things about Sam's Club flowers, and this helped a TON!

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  • Crystal
    Devoted September 2021
    Crystal ·
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    Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I’ve been looking at buying flowers and greenery from Costco and putting together myself this makes it seem so much less terrifying. Smiley catface
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  • Nicole
    Super October 2021
    Nicole ·
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    Thank you so much for the overview!

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  • Annabel
    Savvy August 2020
    Annabel ·
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    This just made me decide that I will DIY me and my bridesmaids bouquets, my FH's & his groomsmen's bout and our table centerpieces! I am actually looking forward to doing this! Thanks for this post, it boosted my confidence in being my own florist!

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  • Leigh
    Beginner March 2019
    Leigh ·
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    Wow!! I was already planning to do this for my wedding at the end of this month but was stressing a little about the prep. You have settled my anxiety a lot! You did a great job, both with the actually process and documenting and detailing it for us. Thank you very much.
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  • M
    Savvy July 2021
    Marrying Mr. Wonderful ·
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  • Jessica
    Beginner June 2019
    Jessica ·
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    Thank you for sharing! We are going to order Baby's Breath for our centerpieces from Sam's Club. I can't wait!

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  • Allyson
    Just Said Yes September 2020
    Allyson ·
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    Hopefully my hydrangeas will be ready on my wedding date (we have our own bushes) but great to know a great place to get the greenery. Thank you for the post and new confidence.
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  • Laura
    Master October 2019
    Laura ·
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    Thank you for posting this! I'm been seriously thinking about Sam's for my flowers since i'm going with a bunch of other stuff from there for that day. I loved the picturesSmiley heart

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