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Just Said Yes November 2020

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Mackenzie, on February 3, 2020 at 10:26 AM Posted in Account Support 0 2
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When I look at my guests in the guest book, couples and families are appropriately linked together. I tested the RSVP link on my website and it only shows one person's name and not any of the people in their party. For example, if I type in "Chris Smith" it only shows him and does not show everyone else in his party, but if I just put Smith it shows everyone with that last name.

Do you know how to link people in parties, especially couples with different last names, so that they both come up when one person's name is entered?


  • Lauren
    Savvy May 2020
    Lauren ·
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    We had some issues with this, too! We thought everyone had been linked but our total guest list # was incorrect and they weren’t together when we tested the RSVP list either. I still have no clue what the real issue was and why it wasn’t adding up correctly (every category added up to the number there were, but at the top it said 199 when it’s really 208). Anyway, after several hours on Saturday, haha, we went through the RSVP on the website and if the people weren’t linked, we deleted the one that wasn’t linked, then went to their significant other and clicked “Add related guests/plus one” and added the other person. This made us get up to 208 and had everyone connected like they’re supposed to be! Hopefully this will work for you, too!! 🙏🏻
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  • WeddingWire Support Team
    WeddingWire Administrator March 2023
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    Hi Mackenzie! If you have any trouble linking your guests, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team at so we can take a look. We would be happy to help!

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