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Rose petal for aisle question

kt, on November 16, 2009 at 7:15 PM Posted in Planning 0 5
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Is anyone else buying their own roses to break up for rose petals to lay on the outsides of their aisle runner? I don't have a flower girl and think the aisle runner looks too plain and want to line rose petals on the sides.. I have 9 rows of chairs and was wondering if anyone knows how many roses I need to buy to do this?? I don't want it to look too sparse..thanks everyone!


  • dportloc
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    Heres a trick....visit a bunch of grocery store florist...tell them your getting married and were wondering if you could buy their broken flowers. Most likely the will GIVE them to you. My mom went in to a store to ask for flowers of stems that broke during making the arrangements and they gave her DOZENS of roses in all sorts of colors. You can dry them in air (will be crunchy hard) or put them in glycern to dry (they will be softer) and break these apart to use on your wedding day.....just a thought

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  • kt
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    Ohh thanks thats a great idea, i'll have to check that out this week!

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  • shdwmac
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    Wow, that's a great idea dportloc! To bad my venue won't let me put real petals on the floor. Smiley sad

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  • Jenny
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    Oh that's a good tip, dportloc!

    I plan on ordering my flowers from fiftyflowers.com, and they sell the petals on there. They give a brief desription of how much space certain amounts of petals can cover.

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  • Jessica
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    Yep! We did that. We bought about 10,000-15,000 flower petals, broke them apart, and are planning on using them instead of an aisle runner (I was afraid I would trip). We are spreading white petals out before the wedding and then the flower girls are spreading colored petals out. At my sister's wedding (no flower girls), they just sprinkled white and pale pink petals and it looked very pretty.

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